Cost of Living

Cost of Living is one less thing to worry about in NEPA.

With a cost of living well below the national average, your hard-earned paycheck goes a lot further in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

NEPA’s low cost of living means your friends in Philadelphia need to make about 20% more than your salary to afford the same lifestyle, while your friends who work in Boston need to make about 45% more. Low cost of living in NEPA translates to the ability to purchase a home, save money for retirement, or go on the vacation of a lifetime a little bit sooner than your friends in nearby cities.


If you’re curious about whether you should make that move to NEPA, or if you’re already here and wondering if it makes sense for you to stay put, try out our cost of living calculator and see the difference for yourself.

Not only is the cost of living considerably lower in NEPA, we are also home to A+ amenities like award winning restaurants and breweries, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a wide variety of entertainment options for all ages. A lower cost of living means that you’ll spend less for better healthcare, pay lower taxes on necessities, and save considerably more on housing costs. It also means that you will have much more leftover to truly enjoy all that NEPA has to offer.

Getting out of town for the weekend couldn’t be any easier for NEPA residents. Whether you’re looking to see an authentic Broadway show in New York City, the unrivaled urban artistry in Philadelphia’s murals, the Boston Pops live at Symphony Hall, or the patriotic majesty of the Washington monument, you can get there from here in just a few hours.

You can drive yourself or hop on a bus. Either way, it’s easy traveling thanks to NEPA’s dependable highway infrastructure. Just do us a favor, when you’re visiting those friends in Philadelphia and Boston, or New York and D.C., let them know what they’re missing here in NEPA.


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