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Discover the great outdoors in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Northeastern Pennsylvania offers quick access to big city amenities but is light years away when it comes to affordable living, safe neighborhoods, access to recreation, and the opportunity to be heard and make a difference. NEPA is the Northeast’s best bet if you are seeking a stress-free, healthy lifestyle complete with thousands of world-class amenities



NEPA Weekend Round-Up 02.22.19

Check out what's going on this weekend in NEPA!

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DiscoverNEPA Brewer's Loop

Brewing beer is one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s longest standing pastimes. Today, there are 27 breweries, both big and small, operating in Northeastern Pennsylvania. To celebrate, we’ve put together the DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop, which spreads out over 390 miles of remarkable NEPA scenery.

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