Lackawanna County’s 40 safe and friendly municipalities offer a mix of urban, suburban, small town, and rural living.


Municipality Phone Email
Archbald Borough 570-876-1800 [email protected]
Benton Township 570-563-2661 mailto:[email protected]
Blakely Borough 570-383-3340 [email protected]
City of Carbondale 570-282-4633 [email protected]
Carbondale Township 570-282-5112 N/A
Clarks Green Borough 570-586-4446 [email protected]
Clarks Summit Borough 570-586-9316 [email protected]
Clifton Township 570-842-4272 [email protected]
Covington Township 570-842-8336 [email protected]
Dalton Borough 570-563-1800 [email protected]
Dickson City Borough 570-489-4758 [email protected]
Dunmore Borough 570-343-7611 [email protected]
Elmhurst Township 570-842-9999 [email protected]
Fell Township 570-282-0321 [email protected]
Glenburn Township 570-563-1177 [email protected]
Greenfield Township 570-282-7000 [email protected]
Jefferson Township 570-689-7028 [email protected]
Jermyn Borough 570-876-0610 [email protected]
Jessup Borough 570-489-0411 [email protected]
LaPlume Township 570-945-5438 [email protected]
Madison Township 570-842-3088 [email protected]
Mayfield Borough 570-876-4391 [email protected]
Moosic Borough 570-457-5480 [email protected]
Moscow Borough 570-842-1699 [email protected]
Newton Township 570-587-1520 [email protected]
North Abington Township 570-563-2385 [email protected]
Old Forge Borough 570-457-8852 [email protected]
Olyphant Borough 570-489-2135 [email protected]
Ransom Township 570-586-7250 [email protected]
Roaring Brook Township 570-842-6080 [email protected]
Scott Township 570-319-1296 [email protected]
City of Scranton 570-348-4100 [email protected]
South Abington Township 570-586-2111 [email protected]
Spring Brook Township 570-842-7028 [email protected]
Taylor Borough 570-562-1400 [email protected]
Thornhurst Township 570-842-4273 [email protected]
Throop Borough 570-489-8311 [email protected]
Vandling Borough 570-785-5070 [email protected]
Waverly Township 570-586-0111 [email protected]
West Abington Township 570-945-5732 [email protected]

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