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The NEPA Ice Cream List

Scoops, Twists, Shakes, Swirls – Let’s Talk NEPA Ice Cream

Some call Memorial Day the unofficial start of summer. Some say it starts with that first pass of the lawnmower, or when that first burger hits the grill. Still, others stick to the good old summer solstice. And then there are the rest of us who have an entirely different criteria for the beginning of summer. We battle our cravings all year. We sit watching and waiting, until finally those neon lights flicker on. The shutters swing open. And that little “Sorry, We’re Closed” tile flips over from inside the shop. That’s right. When it comes to the first day of summer in NEPA, it’s all about the ice cream!



Just look for those long lines and smiling faces.

From popular roadside stands and old-fashioned neighborhood shops to dairy farm delights, we’re lining up all summer long. And whether it takes five, fifteen, or, in some cases, twenty-five minutes, patience has no sweeter reward.

Few moments painted so vividly in our memories capture the pure essence of a perfect summer evening quite like standing in the ice cream line. Grass stained little leaguers eager to celebrate a win (or sweeten a loss) scan the menu carefully. The clip-clop cadence of flip flops fills the air. Weary toddlers in their bathing suits change their minds fifteen times before reaching the front of the line. While moths and mayflies hypnotized by the humming yellow lights tap, tap, tap endlessly overhead. And patient pups sensing a sweet treat are on their best behavior.



Peace, love and ice cream.

The ice cream line is one of those unique NEPA quirks. Just about anywhere else in our daily lives, long lines induce a shudder. But when a gooey sundae, a dip-top cone, or a couple rainbow sprinkle-smothered scoops is the prize for a little patience, we’re happy to wait.

We’ve scoured Northeastern Pennsylvania for the best ice cream shops, shacks, and parlors. And while we would never claim our list is complete, we’d like to think of it as a good start.

So, without further delay, we present The NEPA Ice Cream List.

Lackawanna County - Valley Communities

Luzerne County - Valley Communities

Schuylkill & Columbia Counties - Valley Communities

Pocono Mountains

Endless Mountains

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