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Take a Hike this Winter in NEPA

Bundle up, pack your camera and breathe in that fresh, cold mountain air.

We’re Going on a Winter Hike!

It doesn’t have to be warm for us to enjoy NEPA’s unmatched natural splendor.

In fact, many of our popular hiking trails are at their most picturesque during the winter.

Time seems to slow down in the woods on a winter afternoon. The crunch of leaves and fresh snow underfoot echoes through the naked forests. The path is quiet, except for the flitting about of a few brave, hungry critters. Aside from them, the trail is lonely, calm, and welcoming. And the mind begs for a clarity only nature can provide.

So, if the legs are willing, pull on your thickest socks, lace up your trusty boots, and take to the winter trail. Trust us, you’ll be so happy you did.

Enjoy These Amazing Winter Hikes:

  • D & H Rail Trail

    Enjoy the tranquil scenery along the rolling Lackawanna River. Hike along snow covered meadows, small towns, riverfront forests and expansive rural landscapes. This 38-mile trail makes its way from Carbondale to the New York Border with plenty of NEPA history along the way.

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  • Lehigh Gorge Trail

    Walk along the thundering whitewater of the mighty Lehigh River on this easy, flat railroad bed trail. The bare, surrounding forests allow for breathtaking views of the famous Lehigh Gorge. This trail stretches 26 miles with parking available at three separate access points.

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  • Ricketts Glen State Park

    Plan your hike accordingly and catch an electric pink sunset over frozen Lake Jean along the easy Beach Trail. Venture into the majestic, old growth forests on the Evergreen Trail, or check out monstrous rock formations along the Highland Trail.

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  • Hickory Run State Park - Local, State & National Parks - DiscoverNEPA

    Hickory Run State Park

    Stroll through the incredible winter scenery along the Hawk Falls Trail. Stop on the footbridge and catch a glimpse of the peaceful Hawk Run Stream, and finish up with a view of the stunning 25-foot Hawk Falls. Or, take a long walk on the shores of the frozen Sand Springs Lake.

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  • Frances Slocum State Park - Sports & Outdoors - DiscoverNEPA

    Frances Slocum State Park

    The ever-popular Lakeshore Trail loops around the beautiful frozen lake landscape. The trail is dominated by gorgeous views of both the pristine lake and the thick, evergreen forest. You also have a good chance of catching a glimpse of some winter wildlife along the Deer Trail.

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  • Seven Tubs Nature Area

    Make your way carefully along the Main Trail. Get close ups of the surreal frozen waterfalls and the frigid Wheelbarrow Run Stream. The forested trail runs parallel to the icy stream leading to giant, deepwater pools and smooth, shallow runs.

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  • Promised Land State Park

    The small waterfalls along the Little Falls Trail make for a peaceful and scenic hike. The icy branches and snow surrounded streams offer a most picturesque landscape throughout the winter months.

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  • Salt Springs State Park - Things to Do - DiscoverNEPA

    Salt Springs State Park

    Venture along the Hemlock Trail as it winds through one of Pennsylvania’s last old-growth forests. Walk along the nearly 300-year-old giants on your way to the observation platform overlooking the falls.

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  • Lackawanna State Park - Things to Do - DiscoverNEPA

    Lackawanna State Park

    For an easy, but visually stunning hike, jump on the 2-mile, out and back Orchard Trail. It will take you through the beautiful forests and even close to Lackawanna Lake. There are also several other trails looping in and out around the lake and forests.

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  • Tuscarora State Park

    Enjoy an easy winter stroll along the Crow Trail. Walk through a winter wonderland of forests, fields and overgrown meadows, ending at the shoreline of Tuscarora Lake. You can also take the Spirit of Tuscarora Trail and look for the famous Spirit Tree.

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