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Stress Less in 2020: Relaxation Round-Up

Ring in a Healthy, Happy New Year


Refresh your mind, body and spirit at NEPA’s self-care destinations.

As much as we love the presents and parties, it’s a bit of a relief to be finished with the hectic holiday season. You can finally kick back… until you remember that deadline at work. And the kids come home from school with the sniffles. Oh yeah, and the washing machine is broken.

Carving out “me time” is easier said than done. Luckily, NEPA’s wellness destinations provide the perfect escapes, whether you visit as part of your weekly routine or just drop by for a much-needed boost.

Tap into your inner Zen with salt caves and float pods, or let the stress melt away at a yoga studio or day spa. Don’t tell yourself that you’re too busy. Even if you don’t have time to squeeze in a class or a spa day, little acts of mindfulness can go a long way.

Don’t let your self-care goals fizzle out by February. These spas and studios will help you reach the road to wellness.


Refresh, Restore and Revive



From float pods to salt caves, NEPA is embracing the latest wellness trends.

You’ll feel like you’re drifting through outer space with a float therapy session. The state-of-the-art float tanks can help ease pain, clear your mind and boost your creativity. Still skeptical? We tried it out ourselves and can tell you exactly what to expect.

If you’d rather stick to dry land, try halotherapy, which is the fancy name for salt therapy. The dry air cleanses the airways and clears the skin, while the salt’s negative ions can lift your mood and sharpen your mental clarity.

Loosen Up a Little


Yoga, barre and Pilates classes will exercise your body and your mind.

It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes. NEPA’s yoga studios have classes for all levels, whether you’re already a master or you’re still working on the basics. The peace and quiet will give you a chance to disconnect from stress, all while getting a great workout.

Kick off those New Year’s goals on day one. Try it out at Mission Yoga, where they’re offering free classes for the first week of January at their Scranton and South Abington Township locations.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day



Time to work out all the knots.

Everyone needs a little extra pampering once in a while. Book a trip to the spa, where services like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures are sure to give you a boost. For the ultimate relaxation, take a retreat to the Lodge at Woodloch, an entire resort and spa focused on health and wellness.

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