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Public Art, Mural Program Making Headway in Scranton

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Scranton Tomorrow’s Mural Arts Program Aims to Elevate Electric City as Destination for Public Art

Iconic, Downtown Pittston murals serve as inspiration for Scranton Tomorrow’s planned Mural Arts Project.


The value of public art? Priceless.

When most people face the side of a commercial or industrial building, they simply see bare bricks or stones. When Rose Randazzo faces the side of a commercial or industrial building, she sees unlimited potential.

Randazzo is Chairperson of the Scranton Tomorrow Mural Arts Program. She’s on a mission to bring more public art to the City’s Downtown Business District. Under the direction of Steve Ward, team leader of Scranton Tomorrow’s Safe, Clean, Green & Design Committee, Randazzo and her team are developing a new mural arts program.

Randazzo has witnessed the transformative powers of public art first-hand. A native of Pittston, she served as the City’s Main Street Manager, and worked with City officials to launch a public arts program there. In eight years, they produced eight murals. “Public art truly transforms space, and it connects communities,” she said. “When you see a blighted wall or an old building and it’s dull and gray, every one of those sites can be a work of art, which is a gift to the residents and visitors of Scranton.”


Rose Randazzo, Chairperson of the Scranton Tomorrow Mural Arts Program


A little bit of color can transform a city landscape.

Randazzo currently resides in Scranton, and she’s excited to bring her public arts experience to the Electric City. “Scranton is one of the most beautiful cities in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” she said. “The architecture alone is just incredible, and to make it a destination for public art, and for mural art, would be fantastic.”

In addition to enhancing the natural beauty of the City, public art projects like this one create valuable educational opportunities. Subject matter for proposed murals in Scranton includes a variety of poignant topics, from the City’s rich history, to cultural icons, and conservation efforts.

All murals will include a QR code. Visitors will be encouraged to scan the code with their smart phones and embark on a self-guided tour of each piece’s journey. They can learn about the theme, the artist, and how it all connects to Scranton’s remarkable story.


Downtown Hazleton Mural


Bringing a city together with a bold appreciation for art.

The mural arts program in Scranton is still in its very early stages. In the coming weeks, committee members will continue to secure funding and formulate the details of each mural. They also plan to develop a set of guidelines for future public art projects. In the long term, the committee aims to encourage the conservation and proliferation of public art.

To learn more about this and other exciting initiatives, visit Scranton Tomorrow and follow us on social media.

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