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Picture This: Pine Ridge Music Festival

Pine Ridge Music Festival - A Party for the Whole Community

Last night we checked out the Pine Ridge Music Festival, in Albrightsville hosted by Common Flame Events. And if there’s one thing these folks know how to do, it’s throw a party.

We got there just in time to witness the first three acts and the talent was absolutely incredible. But the festival wasn’t just about the music – It was a night full of art, food, creativity, and most of all, community. 

Adding to the unique vibes of the evening was the appearance of fire dancers who lit up the night with their mesmerizing performances. 

Luckily for you, the party isn’t over yet! You can still join in on the fun as the festival continues throughout the weekend. No need to fret about pre-purchased tickets; just head on over to the gate for a 1 or 2 day pass which even includes camping options!

We had a great time at the festival last night and we’re sure you will, too. Check out some of the highlights below! 

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