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On the Road with America250PA

We’ve partnered with America250PA as they make their way through all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. They’re spreading the word about the upcoming 250th anniversary of the United States and Pennsylvania’s unique role as the birthplace of democracy in America. Stay tuned right here for news and updates from the America250PA team.

Engage with America250PA: Commission Unveils New Website

The Pennsylvania Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial (America250PA) is driven by the goal of engaging every Pennsylvanian in every county. In an effort to expand its reach, and celebrate three years since the Commission’s launch, America250PA unveiled a new website on September 17, 2022.


Photo Courtesy of America250PA.


The new website——offers improved accessibility and navigability, and it now includes more in-depth information about all aspects of America250PA:

  • Watch the America250PA Launch Video and read more about the Commission’s mission and purpose
  • See the members who make up the Commission, Advisory Committee, County Advisory and Staff
  • View the Commission’s current Nonprofit Affiliate Partners, Commonwealth Partners, Official County and Municipal Partners, and other Sponsors and Supporters
  • Learn more about America250PA’s Signature and Officially Recognized Programs, Projects, and Events
  • Discover and learn more about Pennsylvania and the Commission’s efforts on the America250PA Blog and News sections.
  • Donate to America250PA

In addition to learning more about America250PA, users are also encouraged to directly share their feedback and get involved in various ways.

The Commission invites all Pennsylvanians to share what makes them “#PAProud,” with hopes of capturing the best the Commonwealth has to offer. In an effort to recognize and honor our nation’s heroes, America250PA also encourages users to nominate active, retired, or deceased Pennsylvania servicemembers to be recognized through the Commission’s #PAProud Servicemember Spotlight social media series.


Photo Courtesy of America250PA.


Users can also join America250PA’s mailing list and volunteer opportunity distribution list, provide social media ideas, and suggest subjects for the Commission’s upcoming podcast series.

In the near future, this new site will house the “Start Here, America Did” podcast series, which will tell the stories across the Commonwealth that truly make up the unique and diverse fabric of Pennsylvania. The podcast’s goals are to acknowledge different communities across Pennsylvania and learn what the 250th commemoration means to them; highlight influential Pennsylvanians and their stories that led them to the Commonwealth; highlight organizations making a difference in Pennsylvania; and much more! America250PA encourages Pennsylvanians to stay tuned to the site for more details as the series is developed.


Photo Courtesy of America250PA.


Overall, America250PA hopes that their new site will be an interactive hub of information that will invite all Pennsylvanians into the efforts being developed across the Commonwealth to commemorate the nation’s Semiquincentennial in 2026.

To get involved and learn more, visit America250PA or contact America250PA directly at [email protected].


Featured Image (Top) Courtesy of America250PA.

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