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NEPA Party Planner: Places to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Throw the Ultimate Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a big deal. Kids wait all year for the moment they can blow out the candles and tear open the presents. Luckily, NEPA’s unique party venues make every birthday an unforgettable one.

Let them celebrate the way they want, even if it means running and jumping around for a few hours without stopping. You can just sit back and relax with a piece of cake.

Our guide has birthday party venues for every interest, from rock climbing and roller skating to movies and manicures. Check out these locations to make your kid’s day the most special.


Dive in to a Pool Party


No matter what the weather is like outside, it always feels like summer at NEPA’s indoor pools. As for the forecast, you can expect a 100% chance of splashes and smiles.

Rent out the pool at a local rec center for a day full of cannonballs and Marco Polo. Or throw a birthday bonanza at an indoor waterpark, complete with thrilling rides and slides.

Party Like a Sports Star


Fitness and fun go hand in hand at NEPA’s kid-oriented gyms and sports centers. Nothing says party quite like jumping, climbing and somersaulting over obstacles or facing off against a team of friends. It’s like the most epic recess ever.

Hit the Bowling Lanes


Maybe it’s the silly shoes or the thrill of scoring a strike, but bowling parties are always a classic. Even the adults might be tempted to get a lane and test their skills.

And as an added bonus, most bowling alleys have snack bars on site, which means that it’s easier than ever to feed a crowd.

Skate the Night Away


It doesn’t matter if you’re totally clumsy. In fact, trying to stay on your feet is half the fun at a skating party. Go retro and head to the roller rink, where the kids can lace up their skates and glide under the disco lights. Or let them live out those figure skating dreams at the local ice rink.

Make a Masterpiece


Your little one can release their inner artist with a birthday party at one of NEPA’s art studios and DIY venues. From traditional canvas painting to new creative crazes like making slime, these locations offer plenty of unique projects.

Celebrate with the Silver Screen


Roll out the red carpet because the kid’s a star. Party like it’s a world premiere while watching a new release at one of NEPA’s theaters. Some locations even allow the VIP to show an old favorite on their special day. Trade the cake for a bucket of buttery popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Throw a Mind-Blowing Birthday


Think outside the box and plan a celebration that encourages using a bit of brainpower. Museums, education centers and escape rooms make perfect party alternatives for curious minds. Meet amazing animals, solve mysteries and have a bit of hands-on fun.

Give Them the Royal Treatment


Everyone deserves to be a pampered on their birthday. Treat the kids to a spa day complete with mini manicures, pedicures, hairstyles and more. Some spots offer activities and crafts that will add a little sparkle and style to that special day.

Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 10/9/19.

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