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NEPA Knows How to Do the Super Bowl Right

Let’s make some plans for Super Bowl Sunday!


Whether you’re going out or staying home, you have to admit – the Super Bowl just wouldn’t be all that super without a few certain ingredients: pizza, hoagies, wings and beer.


Stay home in your cozy living room. Head to a friend’s house. Gather with your entire extended family, or find an empty corner at your favorite local pub. Everyone has their own particular method for watching the Super Bowl. Some like the thrill of a crowd, jeering and cheering in unison. Others prefer a quiet place where they can hide their rage or tears of joy. And, yet, some simply just want to watch funny commercials.

Regardless of where you catch the game, as long as there is plenty of greasy food to comfort you, and cold beers to wash it down, you’re doing alright.


Enjoy the Big Game at Your Neighborhood Pub



You just can’t beat those awesome food and drink specials.

There’s also something special about knowing you won’t have to clean anything up afterward. With dozens of TVs, there’s hardly a bad seat in the house, and plenty of company to assist in bashing the refs. You can create your own halftime entertainment with a game of pool or darts. And, if it’s close enough to home, you won’t have to worry about driving.

There’s No Place Like Home (Especially When There's Football, Beer & Pizza)


That’s where your big, broken-in recliner is.

Hunker down. Put on your pants with the elastic waste band. Heck! You don’t even have to brush your hair. For some football fans, the Super Bowl is more about ultimate comfort than who wins or loses. Just ask my poor pizza delivery guy. The man has seen things.

Planning your own Super Bowl Party takes a bit of pre-emptive strategizing. Do you want the food to arrive prior to the game? At halftime? Beers in the fridge or in the cooler at your feet? There is a lot to consider to avoid unnecessary interruption and maximum viewing pleasure. If you’re willing to put in the work, though, catching the game in the comfort of your own home can be a truly relaxing experience.

The most important decision you’ll make on Super Bowl Sunday is where you’re going to get the food. Luckily, you’re in NEPA. There’s a pizza joint on every corner.

Pizza Without Wings! That's Like Simon Without Garfunkle!


Football is the reason they deliver chicken wings in buckets.

There’s probably no more iconic duo than pizza and wings. And when it comes to the biggest football celebration of the year, you’re going to want the best. Lucky for you, NEPA has you covered.

Hoagie is French for Huge Sandwich (I think)

And hoagies are a great place to hide vegetables.

You can get them by the foot with all the trimmings, and the options are endless. The cheesesteak and the Italian are football classics. While some may opt for turkey or tuna (we don’t judge). However you get it, in NEPA, you’re in hoagie heaven.

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