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Live to Ride: Discover Indoor Cycling at The Cycle Yard

Work Hard. Sweat Harder. And Most of All, Enjoy the Ride.

Walk into a class at The Cycle Yard, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a party. A stereo pumps out thudding hip hop tracks, upbeat pop hits and pounding rock anthems—the kind of music that sets off an instant adrenaline rush. The room is dark, save the rainbow lights pulsing to the beat. But the real energy is in cyclists themselves. The atmosphere is almost electric with the whir of the tires and the hiss of the resistance as everyone tightens up the tension.

This is the scene seven days a week at The Cycle Yard, a new boutique cycling studio in Pittston. The studio is part of the Anthracite Fitness Factory, which serves as a one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness.

A New & Exciting Addition to Pittston

Two fitness-loving friends turned The Cycle Yard from a dream to reality.

Opening The Cycle Yard was a natural choice for co-owners Jenna Strzelecki and Erica Zangardi. Jenna, who also owns CrossFit Anthracite and Anthracite Fitness Factory, had years of experience in coaching and in business. Meanwhile, Erica was already teaching cycling, barre and Pilates at studios across NEPA. Together, their passion and knowledge helped bring the studio to life.

“When we tossed this idea around, we knew that there wasn’t any stand-alone cycling studio in the area,” said Jenna. “We thought it would be a great idea to have this and give it as an option for fitness.”

They opened a pop-up studio in November 2020. Despite the pandemic, the classes seemed to take off faster than a sprint interval. By April 2021, they moved into their finished studio, which is equipped with 25 state-of-the-art bikes.

High-Energy Classes Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Indoor cycling is so much more than just hopping on a bike and pedaling.

The Cycle Yard’s classic session is called “The Ride,” a 45-minute class that covers all the bases with sprints, hills and an arm weight track. That’s right—if you think that spinning is all legs, all the time, you’re wrong.

“We do a lot of upper body movements on the bikes that include everything from a weight track to push-ups on the bike that really get your entire body involved,” explained Erica. “Of course, your legs are moving, but when you’re adding the other elements that we do, you’re getting a full-body workout.”

They also offer shorter express classes, heavy resistance rides and Spin & Strength, which combines 30 minutes on the bike with 30 minutes on the mat.

The class schedule makes it easy to squeeze in a workout, whether you wake up at the crack of dawn from the 6 a.m. “Rooster Rides” or drop in for one of their after-work sessions. Saturday and Sunday classes are available too—perfect for weekend warriors.

Meet the Instructors

Each coach has their own unique style.

The cool part is, no two rides are the same. The Cycle Yard has a full lineup of certified instructors who put their own twist on the classes.

“For me, I do the resistance rides, so I focus on heavy hills and interval training, which I’ve always loved. It works the best for me,” said Michaelene Mecadon, who has been a spin instructor since 2014. She also owns MFIT Studio, another business at Anthracite Fitness Factory.

“For me, I like a little bit of everything. I do some hills. I do some sprints. I add push-ups. Mine is kind of a mix, I would say,” said instructor and personal trainer Mia Falcone.

Marc Dixon of Mountain Top is the newest member of the team and The Cycle Yard’s first male instructor. As an avid outdoor cyclist, he originally started spinning to stay in shape during the off-season.

“I don’t do a lot of the weights or the jumps or things like that,” he explained. “I’m more of a resistance rider. We do a lot of climbs, a lot of sprints. It’s almost like being out on a real bike. That’s really what I try to emulate—just being out there on the open road on a bicycle.”

The Cycle Yard likes to switch things up and keep it fresh for members. A few times a month, they host theme nights complete with special playlists. Instructor Nikki Scarantino recently led a Backstreet Boys versus NSYNC ride.

“I think we’re providing our patrons with a fun atmosphere to come to. They’re looking forward to working out—having it not be a chore, but something enjoyable. That’s the best part of the job,” she said.

Start Your Fitness Journey

The Cycle Yard welcomes all levels.

Joining a class can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to spinning. But no worries if you’ve never been on a bike, or even if you’ve never been to the gym before! You get to control the intensity and gear of the bike, which means that it’s adaptable to any fitness level.

“I always tell people when they come in and it’s their first time, it’s your ride. Do it at your pace. Ease into it. Play around with the tension. Get used to the bike. Take it easy, learn the bike a little bit and just enjoy it,” said Marc.

Indoor cycling is lower impact than other cardio workouts, like HIIT classes. It also helps that the classes are in a darkened room, which allows you to focus and takes away that awkward “omigosh, everyone’s looking at me” feeling.

You don’t even need any special equipment, like cycling shoes. All the bikes have cages that can fit a regular sneaker (although you’re welcome to bring SPD cleats if you have them).

“Just don’t be intimidated. We’re a big community. Everyone’s welcoming, and we have all different fitness levels here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time spinner or you’ve been spinning for years,” added Michaelene.

Ready to Kick It Into High Gear?

Try out The Cycle Yard for yourself.

Between the motivating coaches, high-energy workouts and inspiring community, this is an experience that you’ll never get if you’re pedaling solo at home or plopping down on the stationary bike at your regular gym.

Several different membership options are available, ranging from long-term commitments to class packs and individual classes. You can see a full class schedule and save your spot on The Cycle Yard’s Vagaro page.

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