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Let’s Do Lunch: Rogue Tacos

Cozy Mexican Restaurant in East Stroudsburg

Rogue Tacos in downtown East Stroudsburg combines over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry with a unique, fresh twist on Mexican food. Despite only opening their doors this past summer, Rogue Tacos has already become a tasty staple in the community. And it only took a taco or two for us to realize why the quaint taco stop was quickly becoming a new NEPA favorite.  

The atmosphere at Rogue Tacos is all about warm, vibrant colors. From the giant turquoise calavera that greets you at the door to the eye-catching menu board to the gorgeously garnished tacos, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of welcome. Of course, a delightful, friendly staff also helps. It’s cozy and contemporary. It’s quietly cool – like one of those places that you want to love in secret and keep all to yourself. Alas, that defeats our purpose here.   

We sat down with chefs/co-owners Oliver Peters and Mike Bonnin to chat about their passion for cooking and their love for their business and customers. Rogue Tacos got its start as a food truck in 2018. Since then, they’ve made the move to not only a downtown restaurant, but also a very successful catering business. Their catering menu is far from just Mexican food. Peters told us, “You name it; we cook it.” On this trip, however, we felt it necessary to stick to the house specialties.  

First, we tried a quesadilla with gooey cheese and grilled chicken in a soft tortilla. With corn, tomatoes and onion melted in, there’s something for everyone packed into this savory dish. Next up, tamales. These tightly wrapped and traditionally steamed beauties brought that warm aroma of corn, chili and cheese. 

One quick note about the menu at Rogue Tacos – you can create anything your heart and hungry stomach desires. Naturally, we seized the opportunity and went with chicken, pulled pork and short rib tacos. They arrived in style, piled high with fresh, vibrant toppings on warm, slightly charred tortillas. 

We also got a steak burrito because, why not? It was generously stuffed with perfectly grilled steak, rice, beans and veggies. And you can’t just throw something like Mexican Sushi on the menu and expect us not to bite (so to speak). We got the local favorite – a chicken roll with rice, salsa, lettuce, homemade chipotle sauce and sour cream all wrapped in a tortilla. Honestly, it’s worth it for the stunning presentation alone.  

You gotta check out Rogue Tacos at 78 South Courtland St. in East Stroudsburg. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop on menu items and catering events. 

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