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Just Desserts with Jane: Hot Cocoa Bombs

Jane Henry, the owner of Jane’s Sugar Magnolia in Dallas, is taking us behind the scenes of her bakery and sharing how-to videos, recipes and decorating tips. From cookies to cupcakes, this series will show you how to make stunning sweets with a little help from a pro.

These Homemade Treats Make Great Gifts

Hot cocoa bombs totally blew up the holiday gift scene last year, and they’ve already proven to be just as big of a hit this year! These delicious, fun treats are so simple to make at home, and they only require a few ingredients. Not to mention, they’re great gifts for friends and family.

You will need a mold for your cocoa bombs. I used this one, but there are many different shapes and sizes that you can buy online or from craft stores. The nice thing about a hard mold is that the chocolate comes out easily. You don’t have to worry about breaking the shell while trying to push the chocolate out, like you would with a silicone mold. But no matter which mold you choose, the most important thing is that it is the proper size to fit in a mug.

You will also need the obvious: chocolate! I like to use a compound chocolate, as it doesn’t need to be tempered, it’s real chocolate and it has a rich flavor. However, compound chocolate can be pretty expensive. Ghirardelli melting chocolate is a really great alternative. You can melt in the microwave on 30-second intervals. It does not need to be tempered, sets up really nicely and has an amazing chocolate-y taste. You can, of course, use the colored candy melts too if you’re going for a certain look.

Lastly, you will need your fillings and any special decorations. To fill your cocoa bombs, you will need cocoa mix, marshmallows and your favorite add-ins like crushed peppermint, Heath bar pieces, cookie crumbles or sprinkles.

We can’t wait to see the creations that you come up with. Share a photo of your cocoa bombs on social media with #DiscoverJSM. We’re sure that they will be a big hit!

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