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Hope & Coffee – DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club

Welcome to the DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club, a series for anyone who loves the smell of freshly roasted beans and the warmth of a steaming mug in their hands. We’re visiting NEPA’s local coffee shops and giving you an inside look at all they have to offer, from handcrafted drinks to cool spaces to work and hang out. Join us and discover your new favorite spot for a caffeine fix.

Changing Lives Day by Day and Cup by Cup


Hope & Coffee is a coffee shop on a mission: to create a safe, judgement-free space for the entire community.

You can always depend on coffee shops for a caffeine boost, but at Hope & Coffee in Tamaqua, their efforts to uplift your day go beyond the espresso. This coffee shop doubles as a nonprofit that supports people recovering from addiction. Every time you make a purchase, you’re helping with the healing process.


A Sense of Community



This cozy coffeehouse is a local gathering place.

Hope & Coffee is like a snapshot of life in Tamaqua. Students pour over stacks of textbooks, their study sessions fueled by cups of iced lattes. Parents pick up a much-needed coffee while their kids munch on fresh muffins and sip chocolate milk. Old friends run into each other and settle on the couches to catch up. This is truly a place for everyone, and you can’t help but let the welcoming, optimistic vibes rub off on you.

The brick building on Pine Street has a recovery story of its own. It was vacant and crumbling until Hope & Coffee gave it new life. Today, sunshine streams through the windows on the enclosed porch, and local artwork adds a pop of color to the walls. It’s easy to pass a relaxing afternoon in the back room, which is stocked with books, board games and a TV.

Unlike the bustle of grab-and-go shops, Hope & Coffee invites customers to slow down, pull up a seat and socialize. For those going through recovery, these social interactions are the encouragement they need to persevere.


Fresh Beans and Blends



Hope & Coffee pours their heart into every cup.

The shop sources their coffee from Mauch Chunk Coffee Company, located just down the road in Lansford. It’s not uncommon for them to roast a fresh batch and send it over to Hope & Coffee the same day. The best way to try it is to order an in-house bottomless mug (because a steady stream of coffee can get us through even the toughest mornings).

The baristas at Hope & Coffee are masters of espresso drinks. The lattes are always popular, complete with tons of flavors. For a real pick-me-up, try Lisa’s Latte, which has an extra shot of espresso and vanilla flavoring.

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, the menu has plenty of other options like teas and hot chocolate. The fresh fruit smoothies are just $1 on Monday through Friday from 3 to 5. The deal always draws a crowd, especially among teens looking for a spot to hang out after school.


Paninis, Pastries and More



Hope & Coffee serves café fare with a bit of local flavor.

Hope & Coffee recently rolled out a new food menu. Breakfast sandwiches like bagels and lox will help you power through your morning, while the fresh salads, tasty wraps and daily soup specials are perfect for a quick lunch.

The paninis are some of the bestsellers. The secret is the fresh bread from Padora’s Italian Bakery, a family-owned shop located just a few blocks away.

And what’s a coffee break without a bite of something sweet? Hope & Coffee sells muffins, cookies, brownies and other desserts made in-house. They also receive fresh deliveries from Pamkakes, Tamaqua’s hometown bakery.


Sharing the Victories



The coffee and food are delicious, but at the end of the day, it’s the people that make Hope & Coffee special.

The community atmosphere at Hope & Coffee means that everyone is there to support and empower one another, no matter what they’re going through.

Hope & Coffee opened their doors in 2018 thanks to benefactor Lisa Scheller, who overcame addiction herself. Since then, the shop has been a light in the Tamaqua community. Their flexible hours and events like acoustic open mic nights have provided a positive alternative to traditional nightlife. They’ve also hired staff and vendors who are in recovery, teaching them the skills they need to pursue their career goals.

“One of the best things about recovery is being able to share it with others,” says manager Loren Collura. That’s why Hope & Coffee hosts programs like the weekly Teen Space Support Group and SMART Recovery classes.

Hope & Coffee isn’t just for people in recovery—it’s a safe haven for anyone looking for a fun, inspiring place to hang out. Whether you donate or make a purchase, you’re helping to rebuild lives and strengthen the community. Come visit, and you’ll see why Hope & Coffee is so much more than a coffee shop.


Must Try:

Lisa’s Latte- An extra shot of espresso balanced with smooth vanilla flavor; perfect for days when you need a little pep
Matcha Latte- A tall, cool and creamy green tea
Mango Smoothie- A fresh fruit blend topped with fluffy whipped cream

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