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Fit AF Nutrition Coaching

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A Disciplined Approach to Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Management


Don’t do it alone. Access the professional experience, knowledge and support you need to lose a little weight, get in shape and stay on track.


Let’s get this right out there in the open. There are no secrets to losing weight. Sure, there are tons of “new, rare fruits,” “magic herbal supplements,” “life changing exotic oils,” and plenty of slick marketing. But does anyone ever wonder why there is always something new? If last year’s “miracle” weight loss product was the “best ever,” why would we move on to something else?

Because none of it ever works.

Unfortunately, people who purchase such products and programs typically achieve very little success. Subsequently, a lack of measurable results leads to a loss of confidence or even a harmful, defeatist attitude. And, in cases where people DO lose weight, most gain it back because the programs or products are not designed with education in mind.

Forget “magic pills” and “celebrity secrets,” successful weight loss requires three things:

  1. A practical and sustainable nutrition strategy tailored to the individual
  2. Knowledge
  3. A positive support system

I was tired of seeing so many people (including myself) waste money on worthless products and programs. For far too long we’ve been led to believe that weight loss required restrictive nutrition techniques. I had enough. And I decided it was time to jump into this mess and start truly helping people.


Take an Honest, Reliable, Effective Approach to a Better You



And we’re here to help you see it through.


I created Fit AF Nutrition Coaching as a method for delivering effective and sustainable nutrition strategies for weight loss. Our system also offers the full support of an expert coach and our incredible community. And we don’t just tell you what to do. Along with your individual nutrition strategy and expert coaching, we also make sure you are learning. Our coaches provide a foundation of health and nutrition knowledge that allows you to maintain your progress for life.

Our program consists solely of evidence-based principles proven to work over and over again. And it all takes place on our very own interactive app.

All of Fit AF’s coaches are well versed in the science of nutrition and behavior change. This hand-picked team of registered dieticians, high-level athletes, nutrition coaches, trainers and physique competitors has successfully implemented this system with hundreds of happy clients.


How It All Works



Anything worth achieving requires a commitment and a good bit of hard work.


Our coaching program helps you become the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of yourself. And we want you to stay that way for good. So, it is going to require a strong work ethic. All you have to do is stick to the program, and you’ll see incredible results.

We’re confident that Fit AF Nutrition Coaching will work for you. And, as a result, we also offer a full money-back gaurantee. If you properly follow the program, and you’re not happy with the results, we give everything back.

Now let’s take a look at how it all works.


What we teach is a flexible dieting approach. All that term means is that, no foods are off limits. You learn a strategy to use for life – how to eat properly and intelligently. We’re not putting you on some temporary, restrictive diet that’s impossible to maintain.


Sure, flexible dieting sounds great, but it means nothing if the client doesn’t follow the program. So the real differentiator of our system is accountability. Plain and simple, you get your own coach.

This doesn’t mean your coach gives you a cookie cutter program and then you’re on your own. Your coach works with you, creates your nutrition plan, and monitors your progress all along the way.  They are there to support you and push you forward. You can actually talk to your coach at any point in time – ask them questions, get feedback, or just a little push in the right direction.


Creating amazing transformations consists of more than just what you eat. There’s an emotional and behavioral component that all of the fad diets and programs don’t address.

This is the real difference maker. Most popular diets or weight loss programs encourage what we call “whitenuckling behavior.” The focus is on the food. And food is not exactly the problem. It’s our often misguided, and unknowingly harmful food-related behaviors. Not addressing counterproductive behaviors only leads to mediocre, temporary results.

Your Fit AF Nutrition Coach will help you to adjust or even correct any harmful behavior. And though you’ll be able to lean on your coach at any time, it doesn’t stop there. Our program also includes a private Facebook group dedicated to providing a positive and supportive environment.



We believe our approach makes the FIT AF Nutrition Coaching program stand out among the crowd. It’s honest, reliable and effective. It’s unlike anything most people have ever experienced. And that’s because we know what it takes to achieve life-changing results.

Visit Fit AF Nutrition today and learn more about this one-of-a-kind program. Coaches take on new clients every two months. Don’t miss sign ups this Thursday, January 16. Or, join the pre-sale list now and get the chance to enroll 24 hours early and save over 30% off the general price.

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