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Enjoy Freshly Prepared, Nutritious Meals in Just a Few Clicks

Simplify the Weekly Dining Routine with NEPA’s Convenient Meal Prep Services

Bison Sweet Potato Hash Skillet – Fit AF Nutrition


Take back hours of your precious time with locally-made, pre-cooked, perfectly portioned and healthy gourmet meals delivered right to your door.

One thing they neglect to tell you about growing up is that all of life basically boils down to a few simple routines. We work. We cook. We eat and clean up. If there’s time, we watch a little Netflix and then, we sleep. Soon, we find ourselves mechanically uttering variations of the same tired phrase — “I just don’t have the time.” Occasionally, we might even jealously quip at some stranger’s Instagram story — “It must be nice to have all that time.”

Then, we make it to the weekend with childlike enthusiasm only to have our dreams of doing absolutely nothing dashed by the cruel, cold, open-handed slap of reality. We’ve got to clean and do laundry and take the cat to the groomer. Junior has basketball practice at 4 o’clock… on a Sunday (Why?). And then, the fleeting promise of a relaxing weekend fades. We realize that we still have to go to the grocery store. There go a few more precious hours of making lists, planning meals, driving and shopping. And, of course, you’ll never get back all that time spent gesturing angrily behind that one person who, it seems, has decided, that day, to visit the store for the very first time.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Eliminate some of that list making, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Let me introduce you to NEPA’s convenient meal prep services. And let them show you how to take back your weekend.


Fit AF Nutrition – Carbondale, PA


The Fit AF Nutrition Coaching Team (Owner, Jordan Galasso, center)


Fresh Prepared Meals & Nutrition Coaching

Fit AF Nutrition started dishing out fresh, perfectly portioned meals back in 2017. According to Fit AF owner, personal trainer and fitness coach, Jordan Galasso, it was all born from an all-too-common pitfall faced by so many of his clients – eating right. He says, “One day, a client just asked me to cook his meals for him.” He continues, “So, I said yes, and then more and more people wanted me to cook for them and I knew I had something.”

For Galasso, Fit AF’s meal prep system offers a greater degree of flexibility and convenience to daily life. “The combination of physical time saved and the psychological benefits of not having to constantly think about food and nutrition is enough to pique most people’s curiosity,” he says. And, once they give it a try, it’s the overwhelming sense of freedom that has them hooked.

“When you can just reach into your fridge, grab a meal without having to think about what you’re going to eat, or having to prepare it, or wondering if it’s the ‘right’ thing to eat – you free up a lot of mental bandwidth,” Galasso adds.


Low-Carb Cajun Black and Blue Burger – Fit AF Nutrition


“Our motto has always been to find the optimal intersection between healthy and nutritious and amazing taste.”

These aren’t frozen TV dinners. Imagine opening the fridge at the end of one of those awful Wednesdays and realizing you don’t have to cook. And not only do you not have to cook, you have a fully prepared Blackened Fish Taco Bowl, or Bison Sweet Potato Hash Skillet that can be ready within minutes. This is real, ethically-sourced, never frozen food. Galasso chimes, “Our food is packed with so much nutritional power, you literally feel the difference.”


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pronuts – Fit AF Nutrition


How would I score some of that Fit AF deliciousness?

It couldn’t be any simpler. Visit Fit AF Nutrition online. Peruse their extensive selection of meals, bulk items and power-packed snacks. Whether you’re keto, paleo, vegan or vegetarian, Fit AF prepares a wide variety of meals to match any diet. They even offer an assortment of gluten-free and dairy-free options. Just pick and choose from 5 different meal plans, or consult with a nutritional coach to determine the best approach for you.

As long as orders are placed by noon on Friday, they will be prepared that weekend and delivered on Sunday.


Meal Prep Grind — Scranton, PA


Meal Prep Grind Co-Owner/Chef, Bryan Fauver in the kitchen.


Fresh. Convenient. Healthy.

Meal Prep Grind is the brainchild of local chefs Bryan Fauver and Jay Racavich. The popular, Scranton-based meal prep service was born from a shared passion for producing high quality food and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Together, Fauver, Racavich and their dedicated team rely on extensive resumes spanning NEPA’s bar and restaurant scene. Chef/Owner Bryan Fauver offers an overall assessment. “Meal Prep Grind was literally born in our own kitchens, based on recipes we had been preparing for ourselves and our families for years.”

Ideally, Meal Prep Grind aims to make life simpler, offer healthier food choices and deliver fresh, restaurant-quality meals directly to your door. According to Fauver, “The most obvious reasons to use Meal Prep Grind are the convenience, time savings, and quality.”  He continues, “You get fresh, healthy, pre-portioned food, prepared by professional chefs.”

For Fauver and the team, the single biggest benefit to planning your meals through Meal Prep Grind – convenience. “You might spend time making a grocery list, doing the shopping, doing all the preparation and cooking, and washing the dishes.” All that adds up to a lot of time you could spend somewhere else. Fauver adds, “And in the end, you may end up with leftovers that go to waste. We eliminate all that.”


Steak and Eggs — Meal Prep Grind


“We strive to make a wide variety of dishes with a healthy twist: some that you already know and love, some you may be less familiar with.”

One of the biggest misconceptions about prepared meals is that they are generally unhealthy, or loaded with preservatives. In the Meal Prep Grind kitchen, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Chef Fauver, “We strive to use as many fresh, local ingredients as possible.” And if you’re still unsure, he adds. “You can also view the nutrition label for every item in our store, complete with ingredient lists, so you know exactly what you’re getting.”

And their menus aren’t designed only for grown-ups. Meal Prep Grind also offers a wide variety of healthy meal choices for kids. Which, Fauver admits, is looking more and more beneficial with so many children currently attending school from home.

“If you order from Meal Prep Grind, you can have a fridge full of meals ready to go,” Fauver says. You’ll find traditional favorites like Chicken Stir Fry, or Grilled Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles. They even carry a whole selection of healthy, high-protein snacks including cookies and cheesecake.


Butternut Squash Spaghetti — Meal Prep Grind


How do I fill my fridge with some of those delicious Meal Prep Grind dishes?

It’s a piece of cake. They update their menu every Friday morning. Simply visit Meal Prep Grind, find what you like and place your order by Thursday before midnight. Your meals will be prepared fresh that weekend and delivered to your door by Sunday. They also deliver to the Lehigh Valley and Southern Poconos, though this may affect delivery days/times.

All food is delivered by a Meal Prep Grind team member, and there are no delivery fees. There are also no commitments and no minimum order requirements.

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