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Electric City Roasting Co.

This locally-owned coffee proprietor just outside of Scranton brings the world’s best coffees from the farm straight to your cup.


Mary Tellie founded Electric City Roasting Co. in 2003

This wasn’t only about responding to local demand for a great cup of coffee. She certainly had a love for the beverage, but that was the easy part. Mary also saw the opportunity to effect change in the world. Even if that change seemed small, she knew its impact would last generations.


Electric City Roasting Co. is all about quality

They source the finest beans from the best coffee growing regions in the world. They painstakingly figure out the ideal roasting process for each variety. They roast it. They test it. They tweak it. When it’s perfect, they send it out to coffee lovers in NEPA and beyond.


Investment in education is an investment in your product

Once they’ve found the best coffee beans and roasted them to perfection, they take the time to educate their customers. Electric City Roasting Co. works closely with local coffee shops and restaurants to ensure best quality brewing practices.


A good cup of coffee can change the world

Electric City Roasting Co. is committed to fair trade practices, sustainability and compassion. Mary and her team work tirelessly to trade directly with coffee farmers and millers to ensure they are paid fairly. They promote sustainability and traceability in the coffee trade. And they engage in charitable endeavors that greatly affect the daily lives of the men, women and children in these coffee growing regions.

Where you can get it

Since 2003, Electric City Roasting Co. has developed strong relationships with many local businesses. Currently, you can find their delectable coffees at cafes like Adezzo, Zummo’s, Veloce and Kay’s Daily Grind. They are also available at Peculiar Slurp Shop and Picc’s Ice Cream. You can also grab a fresh cup at Electric City Roasting Co. located in the Mohegan Sun Casino.

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