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The Endless Pocono Run – DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop

Eighteen Breweries Dot the Picturesque Landscape from the Eastern Poconos to the Endless Mountains.


With plenty of NEPA to see between breweries all you really need is a good playlist, a full tank of gas and a trusty co-pilot.

Our last trip along the DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop set us down in the southern Pocono Mountains. After a quick jump eastward, we find ourselves in hip downtown Stroudsburg. And, here, we begin our final stretch of the loop.

The Endless-Pocono Run, the longest of the three legs, carries thirsty travelers over 165 scenic miles. It’s a relatively straight shot from the PA/Jersey line in the east to the far north PA/New York border. In between, it’s all NEPA. This route earned its name, not from length or travel time, rather from its coverage of NEPA’s two most scenic regions – the Endless Mountains and the Poconos. Along the way, you’ll find 19 unique craft breweries. Each, in their own regard, bent on delivering a little bit of a true NEPA adventure in a pint glass.

Let’s go grab a few on the Endless-Pocono Run, shall we?

The Route

In many circles, you might call a journey of this sort heroic.

Starting on the south end, the road winds its way through the dense tangle of Pocono wilderness. In the summer months, the hills are electrified with roadside wild flowers and a lively green that seems to have no end. Master strokes of red, orange and yellow paint an unforgettable autumn landscape. Winter snows and early spring ice soften bare, inky black tree trunks and allow a brief glimpse deeper into the scrub.



There’s an enchantment to these rugged mountains – a mystery that lies just beyond the bustle of quaint downtowns. It’s hinted at in places like Shawnee on the Delaware, Newfoundland, Hawley and Honesdale. The Poconos always were and always will be an escape from somewhere else.

Here, a healthy feng shui of young and old, lifers and weekenders, artists and entrepreneurs find themselves entrusted with that legacy of adventure and escapism. And you, too, can find it on snowy mountain slopes, on a summer weekend at the lake, or on the trail. There’s certainly no shortage of incredible restaurants. And you can pair any adventure in the Poconos with a day at the spa or a little shopping. Just remember, you’re really here for the beer, and there’s plenty of it.



At about the halfway point of the Run, Route 6 banks westward out of the Poconos toward the Endless Mountains. A quick brew stop in Scranton serves as our turning point, and it’s onto NEPA’s north country. Here, we’re riding those famous rolling hilltops, spanning acres of open space. In turns, momentary climbs in altitude offer remarkable vistas. The rounded mountaintops roll away from the eye like bedsheets blowing on the line.

The seasons seem to treat this landscape a bit differently. Winters are white – the snow arrives and, for the most part, it sticks around. Green springs give way to summer’s golden fields. And the low autumn sun turns the vibrant foliage to glowing embers that burn out into the pinkish-blue horizon.



In these mountains, it’s not uncommon to forsake the convenience of the interstate for the romance of a narrow, snaking country road. And, you’ll find ample reason to do just that. This region is teeming with NEPA history. An abundance of state and local parks offers weekends full of outdoor adventure. And, where the road often dips into some adorable town, you’ll find local shops and restaurants.


The Beer



A little something for everyone on the Endless-Pocono Run

The wide range of breweries along the Endless-Pocono Run covers everything from the neighborhood brewpub to the “it’s a bit out of the way” type place. There are stops where you can catch a local band, and others where a cold beer pairs perfectly with a slice. Some partner with local food trucks, others with local wineries. And there are even some where you can enjoy all of the above under one roof.

As a whole, the tap lists on this stretch keep it straightforward. Everybody enjoys dabbling in the IPA arena. Whether you like em’ hazy, classic and hoppy, or in that dank, West Coast style, there’s a beer for you here somewhere. And, while the IPAs bring the party, there’s also a greater appreciation, among these brewers, for tradition and process in their craft. This leads to both variety and quality when it comes to lagers and session beers. And, of course, NEPA’s very distinct seasons welcome a Wild West atmosphere when it comes to seasonal brews.



Breweries along the Endless-Pocono Run reflect a down-to-earth, blue-collar ingenuity. It’s practically written on the tap room walls. These are the kinds of places where the long day is left on the road and a pint rarely arrives without a story. From tap handle to flight board to clever beer names and the good people behind every pour, this is NEPA craft beer – doggedly independent, shamelessly self-reliant.

Get out there and enjoy local beer.

DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop – The Endless Pocono Run

  • Downriver Brewing Company

    This intrepid craft brewery brings beer back from an eight-decade slumber in Downtown Stroudsburg. Dive into an impressive tap list featuring hefty imperial IPAs, deliciously comforting stouts and more.

    Learn More >

  • Bovino's Pizzeria & Brewery

    Pizza and fresh-brewed craft beer are the name of the game at this popular East Stroudsburg hangout. Aside from a cool, spacious bar and dining room, great local music and an incredible menu, this joint’s got some amazingly tasty beers.

    Learn More >

  • ShawneeCraft Brewing Co.

    This popular brewery nestled along the mighty Delaware River features a spacious tap room and an incredible pizza and pretzel menu. They offer live local music every weekend and the occasional open mic night. Also, the beers are ridiculously good.

    Learn More >

  • Log Tavern Brewing Co.

    Quaint, historic Milford offers an alluring setting for this popular brewery and taproom. Steel, stone and wood combine to create a rustic ambiance that fits the character and deep, bold flavors of their beers.

    Learn More >

  • Jam Room Brewing Co.

    It’s all about beer and great music at this little gem in the heart of the Poconos. Their often-whimsical beers and the funky tap room ambiance will leave you wishing the night would never end.

    Learn More >

  • Curran Brewing Co.

    This modest brewery keeps it simple with a covered outdoor taproom in an idyllic, mountain setting. What’s not so simple, however, is the beer. Try their local favorite Maggie’s Tail English Ale or look for their easy-breezy summer wheat beer.

    Learn More >

  • Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

    This contemporary Pocono brewpub offers the perfect spot for gathering with a few friends, or for a night out with the family. With 12 beers on tap and a fresh, locally-sourced menu, good times aren’t hard to find.

    Learn More >

  • Hopping Eagle Brewing Co.

    History blends well with beer at this plucky nano brewery and taproom located inside the famous Hawley Silk Mill. The beautifully renovated space features tons of natural light, wood tones, a lengthy bar and at least 8 delicious beers always on tap.

    Learn More >

  • Here & Now Brewing Company

    Offering a charming take on the neighborhood brewpub, this Main Street favorite delights with innovative beers, an ever-evolving menu and a reverence for classic rustic design. Sit down and pair a pint with a pizza, or grab a growler to go.

    Learn More >

  • Runaway Train Brewery

    Honesdale, PA

    Historic downtown Honesdale shines in the shadow of the iconic Irving Cliff at this craft brewpub on Chapel St. Enjoy a wide selection of brewery-fresh ales and lagers alongside a full menu of delicious sandwiches and entrees.

    Learn More > 

  • Second District Brew Farm

    Relax in the scenic, Pocono Mountain countryside at this working hop farm, event space and tasting room in Milanville. The brew farm serves as an extension of Second District Brewing in Philadelphia and offers up a full tap list of brewery-fresh beers.

    Learn More >

  • Iron Hart Brewing

    Handcrafted, brewery-fresh beer and succulent BBQ come together in a beautiful way at this spacious brewhouse in Dalton. The popular taproom offers a full BBQ menu, plenty of beers on draft and in cans and frequent live, local music.

    Learn More >


  • Mutant Brewing

    Add a splash of colorful digital art to your beer run at this unique NFT-inspired brewery taphouse in Scranton. The slate features 12 funky offerings ranging from traditional and hazy IPAs to popular Stuntman Sour series.

    Learn More >

  • Cooper's Family Brewing

    This traditional nanobrewery is located within the legendary Cooper’s Seafood House in Scranton. The brewery offers up a tap list of just about everything from German-style lagers to Belgian Wits to American IPAs. Cooper’s delicious beers are available exclusively at the famous Electric City restaurant.

    Learn More >

  • Groove Brewing

    This neighborhood microbrewery in Scranton offers a peaceful respite from the bustle of the Electric City. Enjoy brewery-fresh beers in their cozy taproom, or spread out in the dog-friendly back yard. The brewery features a wide selection of expertly crafted beers, and all are also available to go.

    Learn More >

  • Last Minute Brewing

    This rural brewhouse in Scott enjoys a quiet, scenic northern Lackawanna County address. The winding country roads and wide-open swaths of golden field treat the eye nearly as much as their delicious beers treat the palate.

    Learn More >

  • Iron Tracks Brewing Company

    This Susquehanna brewpub enjoys the title of northernmost craft brewery in NEPA. Iron Tracks sits just a stone’s throw from the river and the famed Starrucca Viaduct. Sample their whole lineup of IPAs, Blondes, Sours, Stouts and many, many more (that also includes a wide-ranging pub menu).

    Learn More >

  • Endless Brewing

    With a cozy, little tap room, and eight reliably tasty beers on draft, this Montrose brewery is a favorite among locals. Sample a few of their experimental beers and take home your favorite in a growler.

    Learn More >

  • 2 Dogz and a Guy Brewing

    This microbrewery in Susquehanna has partnered with a legendary, local BBQ joint to deliver a combination of heavenly delights. You can’t go wrong with fresh, cold beer, a tantalizing menu and a little live, local music.

    Learn More >

Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 11/20/2020.

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