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Dining Out – Valentine’s Day

NEPA’s Restaurants Are Bringing Their A-Game for Valentine’s Day

Let’s go on a date!

There are so many ways to spoil that special person in your life on Valentine’s Day. Some go the simple, yet traditional route and pick up a bouquet of lovely flowers. Others may go big with a special piece of jewelry. And, still, there are those who truly know the way to their darling’s hearts – chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is that one day when it’s socially acceptable to go completely over the top. You’ll see people driving home from work with cars full of red and pink balloons. Someone will be carrying the obligatory six-foot-tall teddy bear. And right around rush hour, dozens of men will gather almost intuitively in the greeting card aisle at every pharmacy and supermarket in the country. And it’s all so someone they love can awkwardly smile and pretend that nothing could ever possibly say “I love you” like a giant teddy bear that’s going to watch them sleep from the dark corner of their bedroom.  Seriously, enjoy the hall closet, weirdo bear.


You Can Skip All That


Just feed me.

Sure, get some gifts if that’s your thing, but make this day about sharing a moment. Get dressed up (yeah, like shirt and tie dressed up) and go out for a memorable night. Push pause on life for a minute. Have a conversation over the low light of a single candle. And eat. For so few things in this life are as effective at bringing people closer than a real, honest talk and a great meal.

We’re just about a week out. Don’t end up scavenging for whatever sappy sentimentality you can find in the greeting card aisle. We’ve rounded up some great local restaurants with unbeatable Valentine’s Day specials. Make the call. Reserve a table… for two.

What is This “Table for Two” You Speak Of?

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is a family thing, or a friend thing, or nothing more than an elaborate excuse to eat a heart-shaped pizza.

What is true love, anyways? It is pizza. It always was. Pizza is forever. It’s only ever been good to us. And if it happens to be in the shape of a heart, well, that just might generate enough love and warm feelings to essentially power three city blocks.

For those who have “been there and done that,” there’s no shame in doing Valentine’s Day at home in your favorite sweats. Stay on the couch. Make the call. You got some saucey, cheesy love coming your way.

We searched far and wide for NEPA pizza joints making those famous heart-shaped pies.

Go All-Out With an Evening of Entertainment


Get tickets for dinner and a show.

We’re sure there are some overachievers out there who really want to crank up the romance. And there’s no better way to impress your date than with murder mysteries, fireworks and… wait, did somebody say donuts? Book your tickets soon, because seats are sure to go fast.

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