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3 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Daily Routine in 2021

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Keep the Focus On You in 2021


Ditch those 2021 resolutions for a useful, methodical approach to physical and emotional health and happiness.

New Year’s resolutions typically take center stage this time of year, but these are not ordinary times. A new year brings with it a unique blend of promise and uncertainty. Perhaps this is a good time to shift from short-term resolutions that may (or may not) be achievable, and instead, embrace the practice of regular self-care.

To help us get started, Scranton Tomorrow reached out to a few local health and wellness experts. From exercise to eyelashes, they’re dishing out useful strategies to help you incorporate more self-care into your 2021 routine.


Michelle Romanaskas, Owner, Trybe Boutique Fitness Studio


A little exercise goes a long way.

“When it comes to self-care in our personal lives, physical fitness and nutrition is the ultimate form of self-care,” says Michelle Romanaskas, owner, Trybe Boutique Fitness Studio in Scranton. “Both play a huge role in nurturing the mind, body and soul.” Michelle brings a unique perspective to this discussion. She holds a degree in occupational therapy. And, prior to opening Trybe, she enjoyed a career as a registered nurse.



“With the stress of the pandemic raging all around us, and an uncertain future, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves,” she said. “Daily exercise improves physical health, eliminates stress, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, decreases anxiety and depression, and supports a healthy immune system.”  Many fitness studios, including Trybe, offer online classes in addition to in-person sessions, as well as nutritional counseling.


Stay connected with yourself and others.

Amanda Gentile owns The Giving Tree Wellness Center in Scranton. She is a board certified licensed professional counselor who specializes in working with individuals suffering from anxiety, grief and depression. She said connection to others is key to emotional wellness, and encourages people to reach out to a counselor if they’re struggling. “I think counseling or therapy is critical right now,” she said. “The pandemic has put people over the edge with anxiety and depression, and it’s good to talk to a third party. Thankfully, with technology, it can be in person or virtual.”



She also recommended (safely) engaging with others over a cup of coffee or tea at their favorite café, relaxing with a massage, or booking a float session to reinforce that sense of connection, and to clear the mind. Local health and wellness centers, including the Giving Tree Wellness Center, provide these services, and more.


Rosey DeAntona, Owner, RD Salon & Blow Dry Bar & RD Brow & Lash Bar


Look good to feel good.

There may be a tendency to forego traditional personal care and beauty regimes as people are working remotely, and staying home more than usual. Resist this urge! “Personal care is especially important now,” Says Rosey DeAntona, owner of RD Salon & Blow Dry Bar in Scranton. “There is more depression than ever with the conditions of the world. If you look good, you feel good, and your whole mood changes,” she said. “It all starts with self care.”



Rosey recommends coloring those grey roots, booking a pedicure, and adding lashes to your beauty routine. “You’ll look in the mirror and you’ll just feel pretty,” she said. Salons and personal care studios, including RD Salon & BlowDry Bar and RD Brow & Lash Bar, can help you maintain healthy personal care routines.

The bottom line: it’s not selfish to engage in self-care. In fact, it’s a healthy step in the right direction. Start the new year off right, and reach out to your local health, wellness and personal care professionals.

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