Get more for less in NEPA.

With lower taxes than most major metropolitan cities in the northeast and rent and mortgage payments well below the regional monthly median, you’ll rest easy with the knowledge that your dollar goes much further in NEPA.

NEPA is a Great Place to Call "Home"

The abundance of friendly, safe neighborhoods, convenient commutes, and high-quality schools lends a greater degree of flexibility to NEPA’s extensive housing market. Urban-dwellers, suburban space-seekers, or even pastoral-dreamers can all find a place to call “home” in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


If you prize easy access to shops and restaurants, and if you have little love for long commutes, NEPA’s metro areas are perfect for you. You’ll have a quick commute to work or school from many of the neighborhoods just outside the city, where you’ll find a wide variety of single-family homes and duplexes. Or you can ditch the car altogether and live directly downtown in an apartment or condo. Urban-dwelling neighborhoods are booming in NEPA, and it’s no surprise because the median cost of a home in these areas is 49% lower than the national median, and the median rent is 29% lower than the national median.

Suburban Space-Seekers

When you need a little more space, but you don’t quite want to give up the convenience of the city or the relatively easy access to major highways, then seek out these suburban communities. Suburban space-seekers will find homes that cost, on average, 17% below the national median for a moderately sized single-family home, and renters will pay an average of 23% below the national median for house or apartment rentals in these areas. Residents are typically drawn to NEPA’s suburban areas for their proximity to amenities, quality schools, and safe neighborhoods.


For those still feeling cramped by the cities and suburbs, NEPA’s rural communities offer small-town charm and acre upon acre of space to call home. You’ll find affordable homes within many of the smaller townships and boroughs, and larger, pastoral lots or estates on the outskirts of town, all offering easy access to major roadways. And while your neighbors may be farther away, you’ll never be more than 25 minutes from the nearest city or suburb.


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