Protection of our natural resources ensures a beautiful future for NEPA’s next generations.

Stewardship of our rich lands and refreshing waters is the responsibility of every NEPA resident and visitor. Our parks, land preserves, wildlife sanctuaries, conservancy organizations, and working agricultural lands help to breathe new life into the region and nourish our bodies and minds.

NEPA is Home to 16 Beautiful State Parks

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Waterfall Hikes

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If you’re seeking a change of scenery or just a breath of fresh air, you’ll find an abundance of both on one of NEPA’s many beautiful hiking trails, and if pitching in is more your style, you’ll find volunteer opportunities in the area of conservation with more than 25 organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the maintenance of NEPA’s natural resources for future generations.


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Alternative Energy

Embark on a leisurely country drive through the region and you will soon find that alternative energy is alive and well in NEPA. Scattered throughout the pastoral landscapes, you’ll begin to notice an increasing number of wind turbine farms, solar panel farms and even a hydro-electric power station. These alternative technologies are paving the way to a cleaner, more sustainable NEPA.

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Grow Day: Giving Back to the Mountain

Our DiscoverNEPA interns took to the slopes and planted trees at Montage Mountain's annual Grow Day.

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Conservation and preservation of our rich natural resources through respectful stewardship and the use of alternative energy sources ensures a clean future for NEPA’s air quality, our rivers and streams, and our thriving agricultural industry and, more importantly, it provides a nurturing environment in which our diverse and beautiful wildlife and vegetation can continue to flourish.

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