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Dessin Animal Shelter

138 Miller Dr.
Honesdale, PA 18431

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Mission Statement

The primary objectives of the Olga and Dorothea Dessin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are to provide a clean, healthy, compassionate environment for animals surrendered to the society shelter; to make available healthy, compatible, spayed/neutered pets for adoption into the community; to provide a progressive working environment for the staff and to promote community awareness of animal welfare issues and responsible pet ownership.

The Dessin Animal Shelter in Honesdale is a private, nonprofit shelter founded in 1968. They’ve been a means of survival for thousands of lost, abandoned and displaced pets over the years. To this day, they continue to match animals with loving and responsible homes.

Dessin Animal Shelter is completely funded through donations and grants. They work tirelessly to provide comfort and care to each animal that comes through their doors. They also provide community education, spay and neuter programs and cruelty prevention services.

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