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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a movement providing direct support to empower working single moms of NEPA and beyond, filling the gaps with a network of resources and support to enhance their quality of life so they can be the best version of themselves to thrive as moms, workers and women of service to our community.

The Adopt a Single Mom (AASM) Project supports and empowers working single moms in NEPA. Many single moms fall in the “gap” above the poverty level, meaning that they struggle financially but do not qualify for support services or program subsidies. Single moms also face social and emotional challenges, causing them to feel isolated or depressed. That’s where the AASM Project lends a hand. Their mentoring programs help single mothers with personal wellbeing, finances, relationships, career enhancement and social and emotional enrichment.

The AASM Project is a grassroots volunteer initiative founded by Donna Nelson, a Holistic Empowerment Coach, Organizational Well-Being Consultant and owner of Primal Roots Wellness, LLC. As a single mom herself, she understands the challenges that other moms face. She shares tools, knowledge and experience to enhance the quality of life of single moms and help them thrive as mothers, workers and community members.

The AASM Project provides social opportunities and events, resource knowledge and mentoring. They also hold an annual Christmas Gift Drive.


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