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The Releafery: A Zero-Waste Soap Shop

Who Knew That Saving the Planet Could Smell So Good?

About seven years ago, Lindsey Vollrath signed up for her first soapmaking class. Her passion for creating things started off small—just experimenting with her own soaps and giving them as gifts. But over the years, people began asking to buy her products.

When Lindsey saw an empty storefront in Scranton, everything seemed to fall into place. In December 2019, she opened The Releafery, a sustainable soap shop where everything’s handcrafted in small batches.

During the day, Lindsey teaches autism support at Monticello School in Scranton. But when she’s not in the classroom, she’s busy in the workshop making all-natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, scrubs, bath bombs and more.

The products are more than just a treat for your skin—they help protect the planet too. The Releafery is a “zero-waste” shop, which means that all the packaging is recyclable, refillable, compostable or biodegradable.


Sweet “Releaf” for Your Skin



The Releafery makes nearly 200 different products.

Turns out, most mass-produced “soaps” aren’t actually soaps at all—they’re detergents that tend to dry out the skin. The Releafery gets back to the basics with simple, pure and nourishing ingredients. They use all-natural plant butters, and nearly all of their products are vegan. They also use essential oils instead of manmade fragrance oils, which can irritate sensitive skin.

The soaps come in dozens of incredible scents (not to mention, they all have awesome names like “Sage Against the Machine” and “Stairway to Lemon”).

“I love lavender-mint soap. I have a soap called Floral Fixation. I think that’s probably my favorite,” said Lindsey.

You can truly treat yourself from head to toe, because The Releafery also makes products like sugar scrubs, lip balms, chakra roll-ons, body butter, bath bombs and bug spray, just to name a few. They can even put together personalized gift sets.


Refill, Reuse, Recycle



No need for all the extra plastic and packaging.

The beauty industry isn’t so pretty when you think of all the plastic wrappers, bottles and tubes that end up in the trash. At The Releafery, they try to keep everything eco-friendly, right down to the packaging, ingredients and shipping.

“The idea is to keep everything out of the landfills, basically. That’s the ‘zero-waste’ goal,” explained Lindsey.

The shop uses minimal plastic, and any plastics that they do use are recyclable or reusable. Most of the containers are made of tin or glass, which are easy to repurpose or recycle. They also use biodegradable and compostable materials, like wrappers made from seeded paper. Just bury them in the soil, sprinkle a little water and they’ll sprout.

Some products are refillable, like the lotions, hair care products, sugar scrubs and more. Clean out your jar (or bring your own), and you can get it refilled by the ounce instead of having to buy a whole new container.


Shop Sustainable. Shop Local.



Explore the “waste not” lifestyle at this cool little store.

Come check out the latest soaps and scents, both from their own workshop and other eco-friendly brands. The shop also sells local artwork, accessories, pottery, candles and other environmentally friendly gifts.

Given her teaching background, Lindsey also hosts workshops for kids and adults. Come give soapmaking a try, and keep an eye out for additional classes and events in the future.

You can visit The Releafery at 960 Prescott Avenue in Scranton or shop online on their website. Their products are also for sale at local shops like The Wonderstone Gallery, The Giving Tree Wellness Center, Nearme Café and AMS Loft Salon.

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