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Take a Ride with the DiscoverNEPA Cycling Team

A vast network of mountain biking trails, long pastoral stretches of rural road, hundreds of miles of gravel-surfaced rail trails, and bike-friendly urban streets have positioned Northeastern Pennsylvania as one of the country’s fastest growing cycling destinations. Whether for sport or leisure, NEPA is gearing up and getting out on their bikes. Follow along here as our DiscoverNEPA Cycling Team brings you tips, tricks, motivational stories and shows you the region’s best places to ride.

Cruise Scranton Like a Pro


All are welcome.

Interest in cycling has been steadily growing across the country over the past few years. Riders are revisiting the hobby that they may once have considered just a childhood activity. As the owner of Veloce Bikeworks, and a DiscoverNEPA Cycling Team member, I regularly get the chance to re-acquaint people with the sport. And it never gets old to see the excitement in their faces as they grind down on those pedals for the first time in years.

Since its beginning, one of Veloce’s driving goals has been to get as many people on bikes as possible. One of the ways we try to do this is through our Monday Night Urban Rides.



See the Electric City like never before.

Veloce’s weekly Monday Night Urban Ride begins at Veloce Scranton at 6:00 pm. First, we set out toward the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail. This beautiful, paved path follows the Lackawanna River through the greater Scranton area. From there, we take to the streets. Our route winds through various areas of Green Ridge, North Scranton, and Downtown before heading back to the shop.

In all, the ride covers around 10-12 miles and averages around 10 mph. Usually, we’re back at the shop by 7:30 pm. However, that time may be extended due to the occasional stop for ice cream (hey, it’s summer, after all!). Overall, the pace is very welcoming, and we always wait for every rider along the route.



Dig that old bike out of the garage.

The ride is free and open to anyone. All you need is a bicycle and a helmet. Each week, we see a wide range of ages, skill levels, and interests. And it’s common for riders to show up on a variety of bike-types. Bring your old Schwinn or your full-suspension mountain bike. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about enjoying the ride.

We’re also very keen on rider education and use the Urban Ride as a way to familiarize new riders with road-riding safety. We try to stress the importance of a positive relationship between motorists and cyclists. And we encourage acting predictably and responsibly on the road. This starts with an understanding of local traffic laws, best practices, and a positive attitude.



Cycling in NEPA is a natural fit.

We often find that new riders are surprised to discover how many resources are now available to cyclists in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have an incredible Rails to Trails program. The LHVA Trail, D&H Rail Trail, and Susquehanna Warrior Trail now offer over 100 rideable miles. And they add new sections every year. There are now many volunteer-supported mountain bike trail systems throughout the region. Similarly, we’ve also seen a steady increase in youth riding programs all over NEPA.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Monday Night Urban Ride, check out the event on Facebook or feel free to give us a call. We’re also happy to give your bicycle a quick look-over to ensure roadworthiness—arrive early and we’ll check it out. Now is a great time to get involved, and I hope to see you out there on your bike.

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