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Sweet Nostalgia in a Cup

Warm Up All Winter Long with Our Convenient List of NEPA’s Favorite Hot Chocolate Haunts


It’s basically the equivalent of a loving, chocolatey hug from your childhood.

As the warm, comforting feelings of the holidays subside, NEPA looks ahead toward winter’s long second half. And, while there’s still plenty of winter fun to be had, the two-month stretch from mid-January through March trends cold and borderline monotonous. Eventually, in NEPA, cabin fever comes for all.

Sure, we put up a good fight by strapping on the skis and boards and shredding down the slopes. And we button up for long, soul-refreshing winter hikes at our amazing local and state parks. Some pass the time with a little downtown shopping, or treasure hunting, or classic time wasting at neighborhood cafés. Others, and I’ll admit these few are part of a rather special group, sit for hours staring into tiny holes on frozen lakes (ice fishing).



You know, now that I’ve thought it through, this part of winter isn’t all that bad. It’s the same old NEPA with all the same amazing things to do. The only difference — we’re doing them in the cold. But we do have a secret weapon. We have a reliable, sweet, creamy elixir, fueling our drive through the winter doldrums. It’s a throwback to our red-runny-nosed, chap-cheeked childhoods. It’s stripping out of our wet, snow-crusted ski pants in the toasty kitchen and a warm kiss from mom on our frostbitten foreheads.

Yeah, we’re talking about hot chocolate. And, yeah, yeah, you’re a grown-up and you drink espresso and mocha-soy lattes now. We get it. But when that late winter chill numbs your fingertips and your hand-stitched Etsy mittens just aren’t enough, sometimes all you need is to wrap your hands around a hot mug of heart-warming nostalgia.

Check out this list of NEPA’s awesome hot chocolate hot spots.

Get Your Hot Chocolate Fix:

  • Adezzo Coffee Shop & Lounge

    Scranton, PA

    Dive into a deliciously creamy combo of dark chocolate, steamed milk and super cool digs at this laid-back Bohemian café in Scranton.

    Learn More >

  • Ballyhoo Ice Cream and Candy

    West Pittston, PA

    This nostalgic ice cream parlor and candy shop makes 14 different flavors of homemade hot chocolate. Come in all winter long to try them, including their new Banana Cream Pie flavor.

    Learn More >

  • Bear Creek Café

    Bear Creek Village, PA

    Bypass winter hibernation at Bear Creek’s most popular café. Stop by for a quick bite and a mug of their signature hot chocolate just like mom used to make.

    Learn More >

  • Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co.

    Honesdale, PA

    Make your way to this chill, Honesdale hangout for expertly prepared hot chocolate. Get lost in a chocolatey daydream as you watch the day unfold from the comfy corner couch.

    Learn More >

  • Blackwatch Café

    Scranton, PA

    Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at this adorably, cozy coffee shop inside Scranton’s Nay Aug Park. The unique book collection, fantasy-inspired décor and stone hearth may just keep you here all day.

    Learn More >

  • Chat n Chew Café

    Blakeslee, PA

    This Blakeslee stop has it all from delicious breakfasts to milkshakes. Of course, we’re talking about hot chocolate, and they have one that features peanut butter cups. Enough said.

    Learn More >

  • Cocoon Coffee House

    Hawley, PA

    The building’s history alone is enough to inspire a visit to this cute Hawley café. The incredibly delicious hot chocolate is a pretty awesome added bonus.

    Learn More >

  • Common Grounds Caffe

    Kingston, PA

    Let this Kingston café get all kinds of creative with decadent hot chocolate concoctions that are sure to suit your seasonal mood and warm your wintery soul.

    Learn More >

  • Erie & Main Coffee House

    Susquehanna, PA

    This quaint, turn-of-the-century, brick beauty in Susquehanna offers the ideal set up for enjoying tasty hot chocolate in an elegantly rustic setting.

    Learn More >

  • Fog & Flame Craft Coffee and Espresso Bar

    Bloomsburg, PA

    Get your hot chocolate fix at this popular craft coffee shop in Downtown Bloomsburg. Grab a seat at the coffee bar, on the couch, or by the fire and watch winter melt away.

    Learn More >

  • Hope & Coffee

    Tamaqua, PA

    Ge to this chill Tamaqua coffee shop and grab a cup of their famous hot chocolate. This quaint coffee stop often features live music and poetry.

    Learn More >

  • Kay’s Daily Grind

    Covington Twp., PA

    Stop in for a cup of hot chocolate, stick around for the homey atmosphere and friendly service at this neighborhood favorite in Covington Twp.

    Learn More >

  • KB’s Coffee House

    Shavertown, PA

    This family-owned favorite in Shavertown serves up classic hot chocolate and so much more in a comfy, welcoming setting.

    Learn More >

  • Market Square Coffee House

    Orwigsburg, PA

    Cold winter days are no match for warm, oven-fresh sweets and a steamy cup of hot chocolate at this adorable Orwigsburg coffee house.

    Learn More >

  • Mattern’s Floral Café

    Kingston, PA

    Bring your camera along to this ultra-photogenic Kingston café. Enjoy the chic, floral décor along with their super cute hot chocolate bombs.

    Learn More >

  • Moka Origins

    Honesdale, PA

    Chocolate is kind of a big deal at this “bean-to-bar” chocolate and coffee roasting company in Honesdale. Their café features all things ethically-sourced, including hot chocolate of course.

    Learn More >

  • Muggles Mug

    Jim Thorpe, PA

    Grab your wand and whip up a delicious hot chocolate break. This Harry Potter-inspired café in Jim Thorpe dishes out a little dose of magic in every cup.

    Learn More >

  • My Cuppa Coffee

    Montrose, PA

    Watch the winter blues melt away when you pair a sweet or savory treat with a warm cup of cocoa at this adorable café in Downtown Montrose.

    Learn More >

  • Northern Lights Espresso Bar & Café

    Scranton, PA

    Between the laid-back vibe and the delicious hot chocolate, you might never leave this hip Scranton coffee hotspot. Grab a comfy seat near the window and watch the day pass you by.

    Learn More >

  • Pour Coffee House

    Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Swing by this cool coffee shop in Downtown Wilkes-Barre for winter’s most classic combination – soft, warm cookies and creamy hot chocolate.

    Learn More >

  • Purrfect Mugs Cat Café

    Plains, PA

    Cuddle up with adorable, adoptable cats and sip your cares away with a tasty hot chocolate at this truly unique coffee shop/cat café in Plains.

    Learn More >

  • Sparkomatic Café & Talkhouse

    Milford, PA

    They’re all about healthy eating at this eclectic Milford café, and that’s all well and good, but they also have ridiculously delicious hot cocoa.

    Learn More >

  • Tioga Bistro

    Tunkhannock, PA

    Enjoy a classic hot chocolate at this small-town coffee shop in Tunkhannock. Pair your cocoa with a wide selection of delectable sweet treats.

    Learn More >

  • Waterwheel Café, Bakery and Bar

    Milford, PA

    Take in the sights at this historic, 19th century grist mill turned coffee shop in scenic Milford. And don’t forget to pair that hot chocolate with one of their signature bakery sweets.

    Learn More >

  • Zummo’s Café

    Scranton, PA

    This welcoming Scranton café delivers the best of both worlds in one cup. A single sip of their peanut butter hot chocolate makes winter but a distant memory.

    Learn More >

Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 1/19/2021

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