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Summer 2019 Internship Program

We got a lot done this summer. And there’s just no way we could have done it all without our amazing 2019 DiscoverNEPA interns.

This summer, we brought on an all-star team of local college students to hike, ride bikes, eat ice cream, drink coffee, zipline, kayak, ride the Phoenix and so much more. Then, they had to find time to shoot video, conduct research, collect and organize massive amounts of data, write dozens of articles and amenity listings, build and design web pages, attend local events and then some.

Yeah, we put them to work.

From day one, this enthusiastic team set about their respective assignments with confidence. Their work ethic was a foregone conclusion – most of these kids have strong NEPA roots. From the moment they signed on, we knew we were going to have a productive summer. Whether they were hitting the trails or racing go karts, they did it with a smile and a sense of adventure.

Each day, they impressed us with the quality of their work and professionalism. And not only did this unique group bring their A-game, they also quite often made us laugh. We found ourselves inspired by their passion, their dedication and their willingness to dive right in and get their hands dirty.

For all of your hard work, the DiscoverNEPA staff, Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, and our founder, Robert K. Mericle, thank you. Good Luck.

Sarah Beecham

Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Class of 2020 / M.A. Literature

I’m so thankful for my time at Discover NEPA. I definitely believe that my internship here was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I’ve had the opportunity to work hands-on in my field in one of the coolest ways possible. Discover NEPA has given me the chance to write about so many things to do, places to visit and great restaurants in our area. I’ve learned more than I could’ve possibly imagined about the place where I grew up. I also enjoyed expanding my capabilities as a writer.

I would recommend this internship to anyone. No matter what major you are, there’s a place for everyone here. Make new friends, try fun new things and gain professional experience at the same time. And best of all, discover what makes NEPA so special.


Ashton Gyenizs

Wilkes University / Class of 2019 / Videography

As a videography intern at DiscoverNEPA, I have had so many great opportunities to expand on my portfolio and my experience. I had access to high quality video equipment, which allowed me to improve my skills in the field. I flew a drone at the beautiful, snow-covered Francis Walter Dam. I also filmed inside the famous caves at the iconic Yuengling Brewery. There have been just too many amazing learning experiences to count. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the team.

My single favorite moment from my time at DiscoverNEPA was the video shoot at Yuengling. It was so much fun to create a video for such an amazing company. They basically gave us a private, all access tour of America’s oldest brewery. It was really cool.

I am incredibly thankful to everyone at DiscoverNEPA for giving me this opportunity. I am honored to consider myself a small part of their overall mission to showcase all of the amazing things Northeastern Pennsylvania has to offer.



Max Greene

University of Scranton / Class of 2020 / Neuroscience & Applied Mathematics

As a 2019 summer intern, I was certainly able to get my fill of NEPA’s great outdoors. I discovered something new every day as I travelled to some of the best hiking and biking destinations in the region. Basically, every day was a bit of a surprise as I found some new hidden gem of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Choosing my favorite activity this summer is truly difficult; we were given the opportunity to do so many amazing things. If I had to choose between skydiving, stock car racing, Knoebels, an epic bike-packing journey, or hiking every day at work, I would have to go with stock car racing. As someone who loves playing racing games, driving a stock car was certainly on my bucket list.

Working at DiscoverNEPA allowed me to really expand my skill set. I now have skills in practical marketing, videography, team coordination, and logistics. I learned what it takes to make a great video, and how to create valuable content for our followers. I also learned how businesses interact with the community in a positive way through social media. And having a boat-load of fun might not be a particular skill, but I got a lot of practice with it here.


Kristen Capitano

University of Reading – United Kingdom / Class of 2020 / M.A. English literature

I arrived at the first day of my internship here at DiscoverNEPA excited, but nervous. I had no real idea of what to expect. I quickly came to realize, however, that being flexible and going with the flow are crucial parts of the job. I feel truly fortunate to have had such a hands-on internship, especially in the writing field.

Not only will I leave this internship with experience in writing, editing, and meeting deadlines, but I have also become proficient with web publishing software. And the best part is that I can bolster my CV and resumé with actual, published articles. As an intern, I never expected to be published on the website, but DiscoverNEPA offers an opportunity that’s hard to find anywhere else.

DiscoverNEPA treated me like I was part of the team. They helped me to become more confident in my own skills and to vocalize my ideas. This internship was the perfect culmination of my degree and all of my hard work through college. I only wish I could have interned here longer.


Kevin Klusewicz

Penn State University / Class of 2022 / Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

During my time at DiscoverNEPA, I was able to see more hiking and biking trails than I could have ever imagined.  I have lived in NEPA my entire life, and I didn’t know a lot of these places existed.

This internship was a total eye-opening experience for me.

Despite discovering so many new trails, my favorite day on the job was the Knoebels video shoot. We spent the day shooting various videos on different rides. And I think I may have gotten the GoPro shot of the summer on the Skloosh. Spending the entire day adventuring through the park with the DiscoverNEPA crew was truly an unforgettable experience.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work for DiscoverNEPA this summer. The team was very welcoming to me, and at the end of the summer, it felt like we were a small family. It was definitely a cool job, but the DiscoverNEPA team and the other interns made it so much cooler. Thank you, everyone at DiscoverNEPA, for making my 2019 summer a great one!


Madison Kaminski

Wilkes University / 2020 / Digital Design & Media Art

Being an intern at DiscoverNEPA this summer has been an incredible experience. This internship is a truly unique opportunity for a college student. Getting outside, exploring new places, and discovering new things to do in NEPA was such a fun and fulfilling experience. In fact, it was my favorite part of the whole internship.

We spent a lot of time hiking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, and biking. And if it weren’t for DiscoverNEPA, I never would have ridden in a sidecar, or on the famous Electric City Trolley. And I certainly never believed that I’d be paid to ride the Phoenix and Twister at Knoebels.

All in all, I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated my summer experience at DiscoverNEPA. I have no doubt that I will carry the skills and knowledge I have gained while working here with me in the future.

Interested in becoming a DiscoverNEPA intern? Learn more about internship opportunities on our careers page.

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