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Style is in Full Bloom in Downtown Scranton

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Add a Little Spring Pep to the Old Wardrobe with Scranton Tomorrow

Maggie McGregor, local stylist and founder of Style Mag Daily in Scranton


Local stylist offers seasonal tips and tricks for that annual closet shakeup.

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to rotate the clothes in our closets, and update our wardrobes. To help us stay on trend, we consulted with local stylist Maggie McGregor, founder of Style Mag Daily, in Scranton. McGregor said we can expect to see some familiar trends from the past with modern twists, plenty of variety, and cultural influences this season. Here are a few of her “must-have” items:


Leisure Wear

There was a time when women’s clothing choices were limited to career wear, date night ensembles, workout clothes (aka spandex) or pajamas. There was nothing in between that was both presentable and comfortable until leisure wear, or lounge wear, entered the fashion scene. Gaining tremendous popularity during the pandemic as people spent more time at home, McGregor said this trend is here to stay, and it’s on her must-have list for women this spring. “Invest in one great set that you can comfortably wear. A sweatshirt, sweatpants and matching sneakers are perfect. Make this your go-to outfit when you want to be comfortable, but still presentable, and you won’t regret it.”


Suits and Sets

“As an alternative to the dresses we saw in 2010s, we’re seeing menswear-inspired looks now,” McGregor said. This trend may be a reflection of recent cultural shifts and movements. “Women are wearing the pants now, if you will,” McGregor said. We’ll see wide legs, and vintage-inspired menswear adapted to womenswear this season.

This is an interesting time for suits to resurface as more people are working remotely. McGregor explained: suits are no longer being worn as a professional requirement, but women are choosing to wear them as a powerful fashion statement. “We may have passed the time when we need to wear suits in the workplace,” McGregor said. “You may never need to wear a suit again during your career because of changes that occurred during the pandemic. But, for your fashion sense, you can wear a suit just to make a statement.”

In terms of sets, Gen Z will embrace matching tube and crop tops with shorts, pants, or capris this summer. Think wide legs and matching ensembles to stay on trend this season.


Monochromatic Jewel Tones

After years of avoiding matching clothing and accessories, monochromatic sets are all the rage this season. “Picture a tulip garden, and that’s the color palette of the season. We’re seeing plenty of jewel tones, orchids, pinks and softer colors,” McGregor said. “We first saw this monochromatic look at President Biden’s Inauguration. This is one trend that will continue throughout the year.”



Have we finally witnessed the death of the skinny jean? The short answer is: yes for women, and no for men. Women have more options when it comes to their denim, but men will continue to find a more tapered leg on the rack. For women, flare legs and boot cuts have returned, and stretch denim has been replaced with true denim fabric. High-waisted styles (aka paper bag or Mom jeans) are popular again, and low-rise styles (ala Britney Spears) are making a comeback, too.

To prevent creating a look that is more time-warp, and less trendy, McGregor said it’s all about finding the right fit. “If they don’t fit great, they’re not going to feel great, and you have to feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing. To make sure those jeans are styled right, create a monochromatic look by pairing a denim jean with a chambray shirt or body suit,”

It’s worth noting: this trend comes with a caveat as far as McGregor is concerned. “I always tell people to wear what they feel good about wearing,” she said. “If you have a pair of skinny jeans and they make you feel great, then keep them. Feeling confident and good about yourself is more important than following trends. Just dress for the best version of you.”

Stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends by visiting Style Mag Daily. You can also follow along on Instagram.

Support local this season! Scranton Tomorrow encourages everyone to Spring into Scranton, and check out our Downtown Shopping Guide with nearly 100 retailers in the Downtown Scranton Business District.


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