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Small Business Saturday – Nov. 24, 2018

Let’s get a jumpstart on that holiday shopping list.

There’s no better place to pick up a couple special gifts than your downtown business district

Shop small and support local entrepreneurs this holiday season.

On Saturday, November 24, big cities and small towns all across the country will celebrate Small Business Saturday. It is a national movement, started in 2010, that has become somewhat of an unofficial, annual holiday.

Small Business Saturday aims to take one day during the height of the holiday shopping season and shine a great big spotlight on local, small businesses. On this day, shoppers, with their mile-long holiday wish lists, are encouraged to avoid the big box retailers and pop in to their local shops and boutiques.

Small businesses keep our cities and little towns alive. And in many cases, these brave entrepreneurs have risked it all to open up shop. Do your part to keep your local economy healthy. Grab your latte from the little coffee shop on the corner. Stop in the boutique on Main Street and try on that top you’ve been eyeing up. Or pick up a few gifts for grandpa at the Mom n Pop Antique Store in the neighboring town.

We’ve compiled a few lists for you of some of NEPA’s finest homegrown businesses. So, wherever that holiday wish list takes you this season, don’t forget to keep it local and shop small.

You don’t have to hit the road to New York City when all the hottest styles are available right here.

Many local entrepreneurs are buying big name clothing direct from the source and bringing it back to NEPA. These shops dot main streets and downtowns all over the region. Whether you’re looking to score big on style points or just knocking some gifts off your list, you have to check these stores out.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re looking for

You need to be inspired.

That’s where our local antique and gift shops come in handy. If you’re looking for that perfect centerpiece, or unique item that just completes a room, you’ll find it at one of these cool stores.

For the sporty, outdoorsy types

From skis and bikes to kayaks and fly rods, these local experts will get you the gear you need.

When it comes to shopping for sports equipment, it’s easy to run to the big box store and pull something off the rack. But sometimes only NEPA experts know exactly what you need for the local trails, rivers and slopes.

Finally, something for the foodies

If you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone else, delectable, edible treats are often the best way to go.

There’s no shortage of bakeries, candy shops or specialty food stores in NEPA. So many local culinary geniuses have taken their passion for food and turned it into an enterprise. While you’re out, be sure to follow your nose to these tasty shops.

Shop local, shop small, stand up for the little guy

NEPA’s small businesses stand tall when it comes to delivering quality products and service.

So, when you’re out and about and you’re looking to avoid the crowds, take the time to find a local shop.

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