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Fall means many things to both avid and casual runners alike… more comfortable weather, beautiful scenery and, of course, new running shoes.

You’ve worked hard and put in a lot of miles over the spring and summer.

You ran several races, and maybe even shaved some crucial seconds off your best time.

Sure, you probably bought yourself a pair of sneakers last spring in an anxious bid to leave winter in the dust. But by the time fall rolls around, you’re most likely in need of some fresh running kicks.

As a general rule of thumb, most moderate to serious runners replace their shoes between 300 and 500 miles. This typically equates to swapping out footwear every five to six months.  So, whether you’ve been training hard for that upcoming marathon, or just trying to stay in shape, it might be time to give the old shoes a good inspection.

And if you’re shoes are still good to go, you may want to make sure the rest of your gear is up to par. Most running stores also carry apparel for all seasons including special-fit socks, cold weather wear and head warmers. You can also pick up helpful tech like watches and running lights.

An investment in new running gear every season is a smart bet against future injury. Fortunately, NEPA is home to some of the best shops for runners. And we’ve rounded them up for your convenience.

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