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Take a Break at a Pocono Resort

Now’s the perfect time to plan a little winter break

Go Ahead and Get Yourself Snowed in at a Stunning Pocono Resort

Pocono winters are truly something special.

When it snows, the woods are quiet. Tree branches, burdened with ice and snow, shimmer through the low light of the sun. And cold, clear streams swirl through the landscape like black ribbons of silk. It’s no wonder that artists and writers have been historically drawn to this place.

We get it. Many people want to be whisked away to somewhere warm for the winter. But traffic and air travel can be unpredictable this time of year. At a Poconos resort, you can get away without really getting away.

Resorts in the Poconos specialize in warm, cozy winter retreats. Whether you’re looking for world-class spa services, locally-renowned bars and restaurants, indoor heated pools and hot tubs, or just a ridiculously comfortable room (with a fireplace), you’ll find it all at a Pocono resort.

And if you don’t mind braving a little cold weather, there are just so many things to do.


Hit the Slopes!

The Poconos are famous for their amazing ski slopes. All winter long, families come together for long ski weekends. From snowboarding and snow tubing to daring double black diamond runs, a Pocono ski adventure will have you hooked on winter.


Bundle Up and Enjoy a Tranquil Winter Hike

Lackawanna State Park - Things to Do - DiscoverNEPA

Nothing clears the mind quite like a walk through the woods on a cold day. Soak up some much-needed winter sun. Take a camera along to capture the remarkable beauty of nature frozen in time. You may even spot a few of NEPA’s toughest little critters foraging frosty berries and acorns.


Take a Little Vacay from the Diet

As much as they are known for their fantastic amenities, Pocono resorts are also pretty famous for their restaurants. You can get dressed up and dine in style, or chill out, have a beer and a burger and catch a game. And if you’re really comfortable, stay in bed. Order room service. We’re not judging.


Even the Shortest Winters are Just a bit too Long

Usually, we can tough it out through the holidays. Sometimes even, we’ll make it through January, but eventually that cabin fever sets in. Plan ahead for it. Book a getaway at one of these Pocono resorts today. Come mid-February, you’ll be grateful you did.

Why Break the Bank When You Can BOGO?

Ledges Hotel - Pocono Mountains - Places to Stay - DiscoverNEPA

With these exclusive DiscoverNEPA deals, you can book a fabulous, restful stay at a stunning Pocono resort, while keeping a little extra in your pocket. And if you want to use it for a little shopping, you go ahead and treat yourself. We won’t tell.

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