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Pittston Ketchup Co.

Local entrepreneurs have found an exciting, new way to bring the famous Pittston tomato from the field to your fridge.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries will never be the same.

The Pittston Ketchup Co. combines fresh, homegrown tomatoes, a little salt and pure cane sugar to create a tangy, tasty ketchup.

They also toss in a few cayenne peppers for some added kick.



Pittston, PA – Quality Tomato Capital of the World

The roots of this local condiment company stretch back to Pittston’s Anthracite coal boom of the mid-twentieth century. The sudden influx of immigrant mine workers brought with it many diverse and delicious new appetites.



One important factor that stood out for many of the new cultures converging on NEPA was the humble Pittston tomato. It seemed to grow bigger, better and tastier in this specific part of the region. This is most notably attributed to the fertile farmland of the Susquehanna river delta.


Pittston Tomato Festival, Pittston


In Pittston, where proud locals celebrate their tomato superiority with the annual Pittston Tomato Festival, the simple little fruit has found the ideal conditions to grow.

And so has the Pittston Ketchup Co.

The Pittston Ketchup Co.

The young entrepreneurs were inspired to create something uniquely local. And they found all of the ingredients they needed right here in their hometown. They toiled away in the kitchen until finding their winning recipe. From there, they had to get this incredible new product out to the hamburger, hot dog and French fry eating public.

Enter heroic NEPA business community. With the help of several local businesses, the Pittston Ketchup Co. made its way onto store shelves and into restaurants. They also sell bottles and cases of ketchup through their website.

You can find this signature, local ketchup at Chic Chic Marketplace, House of Nutrition and many other local markets. You’ll also see their famous bottles on the tables at Bar Pazzo, Booyah Burgers and Bites and Jack’s Draft House to name a few.

Grab a bottle today and bring a little taste of Pittston into your home.

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