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Picture This: Hiking the Delaware State Forest

Embracing Autumn in Delaware State Forest

Earlier this week we decided to explore a small portion of the Delaware State Forest. The forest boasts over 80,000 acres of pristine wilderness and spans over four Pennsylvania counties. 

For this adventure, however, we decided to hike the Thunder Swamp Trail. While we didn’t hike all 31.7 miles, we did stop to enjoy the smaller details that fall brought to the forest. 

As we started down the trail the undeniable smell of autumn filled the air. The vibrant fall colors of red, orange, and yellow created a scene that seemed straight out of a painting. And each step we took created the familiar sound of crunching leaves that only happens this time of year. 

The trail eventually led us to Lake Minisink, a pristine glacial lake that made the perfect spot to rest. Before leaving however, we made sure to snap some photos of floating leaves and the reflections of autumn hues from the trees above.

Our hike on through the Delaware State Forest trail was filled with immense beauty and tranquility and we can’t wait to visit it again. 

Check out our highlights below!

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