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Picture This: Fly Fishing With Makuvek Fly Fishing LLC

A Day Spent Fishing the Lehigh River

Let’s face it, a day spent on the river is rarely a bad day. And it’s even more fun when you’re spending it with a licensed fishing guide. Which is why earlier this week, we decided to take a float trip down the Lehigh River with Evan Makuvek, owner of Makuvek Fly Fishing LLC

Evan’s service is based in the picturesque Pocono Mountains and offers a fishing experience that’s truly second to none. What sets it apart is the convenience it brings to anglers as it rids all the pains of fly fishing and leaves you with all the fun.

Imagine going fishing and not having to worry about bringing your own gear. Sounds like a dream, right? Evan had it all sorted, from top-quality fly rods to the right selection of flies. And every time we snapped a line or needed to swap flies, he was right there with a pre-rigged rod ready to go. This alone was huge and ensured we could fully focus on the joy of fishing.

We also enjoyed the ability to fish from the boat (for obvious reasons) but also the chance to wade into the water. It was a great way to really soak up the beauty of the Pocono Mountains all while casting our lines into the beautiful, free-flowing stream. 

Beyond the fact that fly fishing is just fun, this trip was a perfect way to escape from the day-to-day. For a few hours, we were completely immersed in nature, with Evan taking care of all the logistics. It was a hassle-free adventure, allowing us to recharge and connect with the great outdoors and we guarantee that you will feel the same. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, this is one adventure that can be enjoyed by all.

Check out our highlights below! 

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