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Not Your Typical Date Night

Ditch the routine. Skip the fancy dinner, and the cliché rom-com.

Let’s Do Valentine’s Day Differently!

With so many awesome things to do, NEPA delivers when date night gets stale.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a pleasant dinner and mutually-agreed upon movie. Actually, yes there is. You have every other night of the year to do that. Valentine’s Day is the one, silly holiday where you should go out of your way to create something memorable. You can wax poetic about that ravioli all you want, but neither of you will remember it in two months.

It’s time to re-imagine this lovey-dovey holiday and turn it into something exciting. You can still be traditional and do the whole date thing, or make it about you and your friends. Just make sure you mix it up. Soon, you’ll look forward to this formerly innocuous holiday with fevered anticipation.

We’ve gathered up a list of truly unique date ideas. Get out there. Push yourselves to discover something new in NEPA this Valentine’s Day.

Do it Differently

  • The Hops to My Barley

    DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop

    There’s no better way to bond than over your love for beer. Take a brewery tour. Put together a little brewery road trip, or just spend the day hanging in a taproom sampling some of NEPA’s finest beers.

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  • Cupcakes for Dinner

    Whipped Sweet Shop

    You don’t understand. Cupcakes ARE dinner. Pick out a dozen delectable creations, split em’ up, and I guess stay up all night re-watching Game of Thrones since you both just ate about six pounds of sugar.

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  • Cook a "Gourmet" Meal Together

    Monroe Farmer’s Market

    No plan. No recipe. Just walk through the market, pick out some fresh ingredients, and go cook something together. It’s the love that makes it taste good… or was it Ranch dressing?

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  • Hit the Ice

    Revolution Ice Centre

    Lace up those skates and put on a comfy sweater. Nothing says, “Be Mine” more than laughing as your date goes down hard on the ice over and over. “How do I love thee? Let me count the bruises.”

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  • Beer, Pizza, Bowling

    Chacko’s Family Bowling Center

    A little playful competition always strikes up feelings of warmth and tenderness. Also, one of you secretly went to bowling camp for three summers, but tonight is about love, so take it easy.

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  • Find Your Zen

    Jim Thorpe Yoga

    Unwind and find your inner peace. Everyone could use a little time for harmony and reflection in their lives. It’s also really good to be bendy sometimes.

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  • Escape!... No, Not From Each Other

    Electric City Escape

    If you can survive being locked in a Victorian parlor room and being forced to solve complex riddles in order to escape, then you probably have a bright future together.

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  • Black Tie Diner

    Andy’s River Road Diner

    Dust off the old Sunday suit or tuxedo. Pull out that poofy prom dress and get your hair done all nice-like. Then find an old-school diner and feast on eggs and meatloaf and maybe a milkshake.

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  • Recapture Your Youth

    Snow Tubing at Montage Mountain Resorts

    Spend an enchanted evening hurling yourselves down a snowy mountain. Scream with joy as you race to the bottom. Then warm up by a roaring campfire and eat waffles because that’s a thing.

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  • Grilled Cheese Surprise

    WHEEL Restaurant

    Every Valentine’s Day, you exchange cheesy cards with even cheesier messages inside. You might as well step up your cheese game and design each other’s very own grilled cheese sandwich.

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  • Go For a Winter Walk

    Promised Land State Park

    It’s a special day. Spend it together however you like. Just remember how much you love Northeastern Pennsylvania and go for a hike. I knew this creative writing degree would eventually pay off.

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Your Wallet Needs Love Too

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can have just as much fun at half the cost. Check out our Deals page for exclusive discounts on local restaurants and things to do. Save your money for more important things like Jazz dance lessons or Sasquatch traps.

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