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We get it. You’re still trying to squeeze a little more out of summer.

That’s perfectly fine. In fact, fall doesn’t officially begin until 9:54 PM on Saturday, September 22.

Is it weird that we’re counting? Anyway, we are not pestering you about giving up on summer. And we’re certainly not stocking the shelves prematurely with pumpkin beer (although you can pick it up at your local brewery today.)


There are just so many awesome things to do in NEPA during the fall, and we don’t want you to miss anything.

Soon summer will be a wistful dream borne away on a gentle breeze. Cooler nights will welcome warm apple cider and sweet horchata. The changing leaves will beg for us to get out on NEPA’s mountain roads, cameras in hand, ready to capture that world-famous foliage.


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Fall is where NEPA truly shines.

From apples and pumpkins to warm sweaters and campfires, we’ve got a lock on this season. We just have to make sure we’re ready for it when it arrives, so we’ve created a checklist. Start clearing those September and October calendars because this is what you need to be doing this fall.

Here are some of NEPA’s top fall activities:

  • Baking Pies (and eating them)

    Miller’s Orchards Farm Market

    There are several reasons we grow so many apples and pumpkins in NEPA, but the absolute, number one reason has to be pie. Some even argue there is simply no better use of these fall harvest superstars.

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  • Fall Foliage by Train

    Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway at Jim Thorpe

    If you haven’t seen our gorgeous fall foliage via train along the magnificent Lehigh River, then are you even sure you know what foliage means? This popular train ride fills up fast, so dust off the camera, get to Jim Thorpe and get yourself a ticket.

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  • Corn Mazes

    Roba Family Farms

    Ah yes… it wouldn’t truly be fall in NEPA without losing your family in a gigantic corn maze. Just kidding. No one ever really gets lost. Just motivate yourself to find the end by promising a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.

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  • Sign Up For a Run

    Superhero 5K Run/Walk

    For all those who have ever dreamed of being a superhero, but just couldn’t quite pull off the tights and cape look, your moment has arrived. This 5K run / walk lets racers be the heroes as they raise funds and awareness for children in need.

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  • Apple Pickin'

    Brace’s Orchard

    Sure anyone can grab a bag of apples from the market, but there’s something special about venturing into an orchard with an empty basket. You can be a part of the whole system that brought your beautiful apples into existence — the soil, the breeze the trees and, of course, the bees.

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  • Take a Hike

    Big Pocono State Park

    As fall arrives, your hiking days are numbered. Make the most of them with an incredible hike to Big Pocono’s summit to view the colorful valley below. Trust us, this one is well worth the work.

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  • Hayrides

    Burger’s Farm Market

    This is what hoodies were made for. Tuck your chilly fingers into your sleeves, grab a hay bail and enjoy the ride. If you’re serious about fall, and you want that perfect pumpkin, you must go to them. They will not come to you.

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  • Rent a Cabin

    Rosemount Camping Resort

    There are few things as relaxing as sitting on a cabin porch still wrapped in a blanket, hugging a hot cup of coffee and watching the early autumn fog burn off the lake.

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  • Fall Festivals

    Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival

    Celebrate the season with a trip to Jim Thorpe for the annual Fall Foliage Festival. Enjoy food vendors, restaurants, live music, shopping and activities on the Lehigh River. You may even want to spend the night.

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  • Carving Pumpkins

    Whistle Pig Pumpkin Patch

    This low-tech, 19th century fall tradition still brings families together for some good old, messy fun. Warm up some cider or hot chocolate for the kids (spiked for the adults, of course), throw down some newspaper and carve away.

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