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Muggles Mug – DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club

It’s been a while, but the DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club is back for our first feature since the pandemic. We seriously missed our local baristas over quarantine (especially after those months of sad, at-home brews from the coffee maker). Now we’re back to visiting NEPA’s coffee shops and giving you an inside look at all they have to offer. Join us and discover your new favorite spot for a caffeine fix.

This Harry Potter-Themed Coffee Shop Conjures Up Creative Drinks

Downtown Jim Thorpe always feels like a scene out of a fantasy novel, so it’s only natural to find a little magic brewing at Muggles Mug. This Harry Potter-themed coffee shop is located on Broadway, where stately Victorian buildings and cool, quirky shops line the narrow street. Use your imagination, and you can totally convince yourself that you’re strolling down Diagon Alley.

Muggles Mug is essentially a place where you can geek out about your Hogwarts house and your favorite espresso drinks. Specialty lattes and treats draw inspiration from the wizarding world, and whimsical décor helps bring the magic to life. Let’s take a step inside for a glimpse at all they have to offer.

Note: At this time, Muggles Mug is open for takeout only. Call or check online for updates.


A Chill, Local Coffee Shop With a Magical Twist



Muggles Mug has that down-to-earth, relaxed vibe that we love about NEPA’s coffee shops.

This cozy little shop is decorated with all things Harry Potter, from the house colors draped from the ceiling to a sprawling map of Hogwarts on the wall to the gleaming Mirror of Erised. The more you look, the more you see, whether it’s the Sorting Hat perched on top of the movie projector or Cerberus peeking out from a bookshelf. Local artwork adorns the walls, and there’s usually a movie playing on the giant screen (it’s always Harry Potter on weekends, although they switch it up on weekdays).

The magical ambiance makes Muggles Mug a popular spot, but it’s still a coffee shop first and foremost. Their main focus is on pouring top-notch drinks and creating a space to simply relax. The café aims for a “common room” feel, where you can easily pass the time reading or chatting with friends over coffee.

“We usually have a lot of people studying for school. We have some writers who specifically come to Jim Thorpe to write, and they’re writing their stories in here. You know, Harry Potter started that way. That’s really awesome,” said Muggles Mug owner, Kacie Klotz.

Muggles Mug has transitioned to takeout only during COVID-19, so customers can’t hang out like they normally would. But until life turns to normal, it’s still fun to stop by, pick up a drink and wander around historic Jim Thorpe. Muggles Mug has also been holding tarot card readings every weekend in October, which helps keeps the magical spirit alive.


Pick Your Potion



Any coffee drinker can tell you that caffeine is magic.

Muggles Mug is known for the spellbinding specialty lattes. Harry Potters fan will instantly recognize the Butterbeer latte, a blend of creamy butterscotch and caramel. The Mandrake Maple Draught is another customer favorite, with a mix of cinnamon, maple and white chocolate. You’ll also find some uncommonly delicious flavors like the Deathly Hallows latte, a rich chocolate-orange combo.

In addition to their signature lineup, Muggles Mug always has a seasonal latte. For fall, they’re featuring Pumpkin Juice, which is their take on a PSL. Like all of their drinks, this one goes easy on the sugar and uses ingredients like real pumpkin and a mix of warm autumn spices.

Muggles Mug can make all of their lattes with or without coffee so that kids can try them too (you’re welcome, parents). They can also make iced and frozen drinks, tea and hot chocolate.

Beyond the fun flavors, Muggles Mug still keeps traditional, espresso-based drinks at the heart of their shop. They seriously know their coffee, from pulling the perfect shot of espresso to crafting European-style drinks like americanos and cappuccinos. Each cup is made with small-batch, single origin blends from Greenstreet Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia. This company works directly with farmers and growers to ensure fair trade and a high-quality product.


Local Baked Goods & Whimsical Treats



Dessert makes coffee break even sweeter.

Ever notice how the Harry Potter books and movies are practically laden with enchanted candies and British baked goods? Just reading a few pages is enough to make your stomach rumble, so it’s no surprise that Muggles Mug offers magical treats like wizard-themed chocolates and cookies decorated with the house crests.

The shop also serves fresh-baked cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes and other pastries from The Cake Pros Bakery down in Schuylkill County. Insider tip: try the pear brie scone if they have it in stock. Sounds like a strange combination, but it makes a great mid-day snack with just a hint of sweetness.

Muggles Mug also has vegan and gluten-free baked goods on hand too.

“You wouldn’t even know that it’s gluten-free,” said Kacie. “We have so many people who have celiacs that come in and get ten things at once because they’re like, ‘We’ve never had any baked goods this good.’”


Espresso Patronum



Something tells us that Hogwarts students would definitely come here for caffeine-fueled study sessions.

Muggles Mug is an enchanting spot for Harry Potter lovers of all ages, from kids who’ve just finished reading The Sorcerer’s Stone to longtime fans. And for all you Muggles who aren’t up on the wizarding world, it’s still an awesome place to grab a cup of coffee and a treat.

Even four-legged friends can come! Muggles Mug welcomes dogs as long as they’re leashed. They can try a “puppuccino,” which is sweet potato, pumpkin or a mix of both topped with whipped cream and a doggie treat. Chances are, you’ll probably meet Charlie too. He’s kind of a local celebrity around here (he’s even rocking his own Instagram).

Muggles Mug is located at 79 Broadway in Jim Thorpe. Look for the little orange building, and you’ll find some magic in store.


Must Try:

Butterbeer Latte – The wizarding world’s famous butterscotch and caramel drink, but with a kick of espresso
Mandrake Maple Draught – A creamy, cozy blend of cinnamon, maple and white chocolate
Pumpkin Juice – Muggles Mug’s take on a PSL; made with real pumpkin and a blend of autumn spices

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