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Most Popular Posts of 2020

Rediscover Home One Story at a Time


We’re all ready to move on to 2021, but before we do, let’s take a look at what kept bringing you back to DiscoverNEPA in 2020.

If we were to use just one word to sum up the past year, it would have to be creativity. In a rather difficult year for so many, the one thing that seemed to pull us through, time and again, was our collective, creative approach to an abruptly disrupted world.

We kept ourselves and our families entertained at home. When we needed to get out, we ventured off onto new trails and explored NEPA’s beautiful parks. Some got back on their bikes, dusted off the old fishing pole, or took to the rivers on kayaks. Our incredible, local restaurants got in on the act and found innovative ways to keep us floating somewhere right around “normal.” Everybody went virtual, or mobile at some point, like so many local bands and performers. And, like a down-on-his-luck hero triumphantly returning to save the day, our humble Drive-In theaters were there precisely when we needed them. Of course, we all did our best to look after our “little guy” – the local shops and boutiques keeping so many of our towns alive.

Through all of it, we found a new appreciation for home. For a moment, we put to bed daydreams of faraway places, and the instinct to imagine something more, something better beyond those rolling hills. In 2020, we stopped and, in many ways, we took stock. We slowed down enough to smell the roses, to catch a sunset – to realize that all those “better” things we wanted, or thought we needed – they were right here all this time. And they’ll still be here tomorrow.

We love you, NEPA. And here’s a little peek at what you loved about us in 2020.

Most Popular Posts of 2020

  • #10 Picture This: Soft Opening of Jane’s Sugar Magnolia

    It’s no secret that NEPA loves fresh-baked sweets. And when we covered the opening of this adorable Dallas treat shop, you all couldn’t get enough. I guess it helped that the entire post smelled like warm banana bread.

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  • #9 Places to Swim in NEPA – Summer 2020

    It was our first quarantine summer and, after a long spring cooped up inside, the thought of cooling off at a local pool, or diving into a mountain lake just seemed right. And finally, we could justify those 14 bikinis we ordered on Amazon back in April.

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  • #8 DiscoverNEPA Brewer’s Loop

    This year often had us hopping in the car and driving without any real purpose or destination. That is until we discovered NEPA’s bustling craft brewery scene, and the growler, oh, and the crowler, oh, and of course those trusty 4-packs… We drank lots of beer.

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  • #7 12 Days of NEPA -- 2020 Holiday Giveaway

    We can always count on the holidays in NEPA to bring us together. Offering awesome giveaways from amazing local businesses brings even more people together. Do that for 12 days and you’ve reached insane levels of bring-people-together-ness.

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  • #6 Keep a Safe Social Distance Get Your Food To-Go

    For the most part, we did a great job social distancing, minimizing travel and keeping each other safe. We did realize, however, that we’d still rather part with our hard-earned cash than cook dinner and do dishes. Thank you, NEPA restaurants.

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  • #5 Stay Safe, Stay Home -- Eat Pizza

    This year proved definitively that there is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing – not a pandemic, not a visit from hostile space men, not even ferocious zoo animals taking over the streets – that would stop NEPA from somehow getting their hands on a pizza.

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  • #4 Waterfall Hikes in NEPA

    Many times this year, we found ourselves escaping into nature to de-stress and re-center our thoughts. Sometimes, even, we imagined ourselves an Elven King returning to our hidden kingdom beyond the sparkling waterfall… Right?… You guys did do this, right?

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  • #3 Heated Tents, Covered Decks and Private Igloos Keep NEPA Dining Outside All Season Long

    Sometimes, when life hands you lemons you make a tall, cool glass of lemonade. If you’re a NEPA restaurant facing another cold winter, you take those lemons, sew their peels together and turn them into a tent, or a cute little globe thing for outdoor dining.

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  • #2 Outdoor Dining is Back

    Haha. If you thought the threat of cold weather was going to force us to pull out the pots and pans, or slap together yet another crockpot surprise, you’re sadly mistaken. Thanks again, NEPA restaurants. You saved us from doing the dishes one more time.

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  • #1 Video Round-Up: 10 Trails for Scenic Social Distancing

    For so many in NEPA, a year of social distancing managed to bring us a lot closer to nature. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of it here. From spring through winter, we’ve been capturing some of NEPA’s most inspiring scenery. And we’ve still got miles and miles to go.

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