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Member Meet & Greet with The Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce — Knot Just Any Day

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Knot Just Any Day -- Wilkes-Barre, PA


Photo Courtesy of Knot Just Any Day


A multi-service creative shop for weddings and corporate events

After graduating from Kutztown University with a BFA in Photography, Steve Husted set out on his first creative endeavor. He opened Under the Stairs, an art gallery in Jim Thorpe. Husted began to make photography a means to an end for every type of art he created. This quickly made him the guy that everybody knew with a studio, and a camera. And, if you have a camera, well, then people want you to use it.

Over the next few years, Husted left his gallery and traditional handmade art behind. He began to photograph models, families, weddings, and products. Eventually, he put his photography and design skills to work with a job at the Weekender/Times Leader. During that time, he regularly photographed local events and weddings. Soon, that old entrepreneurial spirit came calling again, and Husted decided to open Knot Just Any Day. This new endeavor offered creative freedom and ties to NEPA’s supportive small business community. More importantly, it provided the opportunity for Husted to work alongside artists whose work he had come to respect and admire.


Photo Courtesy of Knot Just Any Day


A community of artists

Knot Just Any Day (KJAD) began in 2008, and, in 2015, Husted opened his downtown Wilkes-Barre studio at 124 South Main Street. It all started with a staff of six. By 2018, the company had 18 artists working under one roof and one collective effort. That group of artists became the KJAD crew. “We all are kind, passionate, and eager artists who get to create our community and friends,” says Husted.

Knot Just Any Day provides photography, videography, event planning, and stationery design services for weddings and corporate events.

“On the surface KJAD doesn’t follow the industry standard of being a singular specialist — meaning just a ‘photo’ company.” He continues, “We are a one-stop-creative-shop.” Most multi-service companies, according to Husted, tend to focus on one particular element. From there, they offer add-ons to increase revenue and/or convenience for their customers.

Knot Just Any Day takes a different approach. “We like for our clients to realize that they can add other necessary services,” says Husted. “I love seeing wedding planning clients learn that we are wedding photographers or even stationery designers.”

I’ve always found myself loving the art of composition, whether it be on a canvas, through a lens, in a room, or even in a song. Creating within structure and through restrictions allows me to problem solve, think outside of what’s expected, and deliver something that represents the focus of the work, my styling, and hopefully something that communicates a successful message to the viewer.

Steve Husted, Owner, Knot Just Any Day

Photo Courtesy of Knot Just Any Day


Adapting and moving forward

Over the past year and in response to COVID-19, Knot Just Any Day began offering multi-camera live-streaming services for weddings. While much of KJAD’s work was displaced by COVID-19, the company focused inward. They bolstered their marketing strategies, launched a long-awaited newsletter, created an online store, and set up a new YouTube channel to allow past, current, and future clients access to content. Additionally, they have created shorter photo packages for micro-weddings and elopements.

Looking ahead, Knot Just Any Day is already at work implementing subsidiary branches of the company. Currently, the KJAD crew is focused on furthering their reach and SEO opportunities, and opening pathways for cross marketing between brands. They have created 4 subsets of the business, each with their own branding and soon to be web presence: CORPORATE by KJAD, PLANNING by KJAD, PAPER by KJAD, and PORTRAITS by KJAD. All of these services have existed as part of the KJAD portfolio for many years. And they’ll continue to work in conjunction with one another.  Now, as the company looks to expand its local footprint, each function will also continue to grow from its own individual platform.

Husted and the KJAD crew are excited to continue growing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “NEPA welcomes artists,” he says. “Being from Montgomery County and finding myself here in NEPA, I am excited to know that I can have a strong, positive impact on my community.”


Learn More and Connect with Knot Just Any Day

Visit Knot Just Any Day and explore their long list of expert wedding and event planning services. You can also check them out on social media and enjoy their awesome videos on YouTube and Vimeo. For more information, wedding stories, updates and crew features, follow along with the KJAD Blog.



And, don’t forget to check back here at DiscoverNEPA every month for the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber’s Member Meet & Greet blog series. We’ll be sharing unique stories and introducing NEPA to the Chamber’s many amazing small business and nonprofit members.


*All Photos Courtesy of Knot Just Any Day

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