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Meet the DiscoverNEPA Cycling Team: David Piccola

“The Wilkes-Barre area far exceeded any of our expectations.”

My family and I moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania in 2016 for a career move. We moved here from Atlanta, Georgia, and I was raised in upstate New York. By moving to the mountains of Pennsylvania, we were able to escape the population explosion of Atlanta and be closer to friends and family.

We came here to just find a good place for our kids to grow up, but the Wilkes-Barre area far exceeded any of our expectations. The sense of community and support for families is exactly what I had in upstate New York. The fact that people cling to their cultural history is healthy for communities, and that’s also what we see here.



But beyond all of that, there’s also beauty to be found in these mountains that very few places have. I am a lifelong cyclist and have ridden the roads of a lot of major cities around the United States, and few places rival the beauty of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Once you get into the mountains and breathe the fresh air, you get lost in the beauty. We have winding rivers and vast farmlands that you’d won’t see in other parts of the country. There’s never been a day since we’ve been here that we’ve regretted our choice to move to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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