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Meet the Back Mountain Torrent

NEPA’s Pro-Am Women’s Soccer Team Competes in the UWS League Two Mid-Atlantic Conference


Top, local college-level players find summer home with storied Back Mountain Soccer Club at Misericordia University.

When it comes to recreational and developmental soccer in Northeastern Pennsylvania, one local club typically comes to mind — the Back Mountain Soccer Club. In over 40 years, the soccer club has grown to be recognized as one of the region’s premier youth sports organizations. Since 1978, Back Mountain Soccer has fielded rec. teams with fumbling four-year-olds and highly-developed youth travel squads featuring some of PA’s top high school players. And now, with the addition of The Back Mountain Torrent in 2023, they’ve ventured into (semi) professional territory.

The Back Mountain Torrent, a U-23, Pro-Amateur women’s soccer team under the Back Mountain Soccer Club umbrella is currently wrapping up its first season. The Torrent play in the United Women’s Soccer League 2 (UWS2). The UWS2 is technically a developmental program within the women’s national Pro-Am league. Many of the clubs also serve as reserve teams for the UWS League 1.


Torrent Head Coach, Tayler Jamison. Photo Courtesy of Caleb Dixon at Dixon Photos.


Locally grown talent takes to the pitch.

While climbing the professional soccer ranks is possible within the UWS structure, for most teams, and especially for the Torrent, it’s all about expanding opportunity and growing the sport. Locally, according to Torrent Head Coach, Tayler Jamison, the first-of-its-kind team has garnered quite a bit of attention in its debut season. “It’s definitely become pretty big in the community.”

Coach Jamison, a “just-outside-of-Philly” transplant credits the somewhat legendary status of the Back Mountain Soccer Club for a lot of the Torrent’s initial success. “They (Back Mountain Soccer) make up a good portion of Northeastern PA when it comes to soccer and so many of the youth soccer families have been coming out to games.” Jamison continues, “It’s been really great to see.”

While that connection goes deep, the Torrent aren’t only fielding “Back Mountain” kids. “We’re pulling college players from all over the area and many of them didn’t play for Back Mountain growing up,” Coach Jamison says. “It’s basically a league for all of these talented college players from all over Northeastern PA to play in when they’re home from college in the summer.”


Misericordia University student and soccer phenom, Emma Sweitzer.


Growing the game one match at a time.

For Torrent Forward, Emma Sweitzer, who also plays for Misericordia University, it’s about more than just having a place to play during the summer. “We’ve never had anything like this before. This is the first pro-amateur team locally for women.” She adds, “It’s pretty awesome!”

Sweitzer, who was also named the 2023 Division III National Player of the Year, sees something special happening at every match. But it’s not necessarily on the field. It’s in the eyes of the much younger rec. and youth club players who come out to watch. “It’s kind of awesome to see all of the development through the different club teams and then you see them at our matches and they’re looking up to us – that’s been really cool,” Sweitzer added.



Sharing the experience.

The Back Mountain Torrent roster 18 players from local and regional colleges. At the team’s opening tryout, they saw nearly 40 players. And with so few options for all of these players locally, Coach Jamison and Torrent ownership agreed creating a training squad was necessary. “We offered those who didn’t make the roster the option to continue to train with us.” Jamison adds, “There just aren’t many options or teams for them to travel to. With us, they could at least get in a training experience this summer.” Players from the training squad also occasionally have the opportunity to fill in at Torrent matches.

This “one tent” approach offers local players not only an opportunity to continue developing at a high level, but it also helps to bring the game to many more young women. There’s a palpable camaraderie on the training pitch. And for Sweitzer, it’s mostly about bringing together some of the best talent in the region and having fun. “A lot of us play college soccer together, or we have played in high school together, and it’s fun to reconnect.” She continues, “And we’re playing against other college level, or even post-college level competition, so it’s just a great experience all around.”



An inspiration for the soccer community in NEPA.

By all accounts, the addition of the Torrent hasn’t only benefitted local youth and college-age players. “Oh, it’s been great for the community,” Coach Jamison states. “You have young kids coming out to games excited to watch college players – many of them, to a certain degree, idolize some of these girls.” All of it, according to the young Head Coach, stands to enforce the team’s overarching mission. “We get great turnout at our games and the community has grown so much as a whole, in terms of their appreciation of soccer.” She adds, “If our goal is to grow the game as much as possible, this is a great way to do it.”


Catch The Back Mountain Torrent in Action While You Can



They’re only one game away from being crowned Mid Atlantic Conference Champions.

The Back Mountain Torrent train and play their home matches at Misericordia University’s Manglesdorf Field. Their conference play takes them to bouts near Philly, Lancaster and Williamsport. So far, in their inaugural season, they’ve posted a 5-0-2 record. That leaves them at the top of the conference standings. And with one match remaining, the Torrent have a very reasonable shot at the conference championship.

Head to Misericordia University’s Manglesdorf Field on Sunday, July 16 at 6 p.m. and let these ladies know that NEPA’s got their backs.


Back Mountain Torrent vs. Lancaster Inferno

When: Sunday, July 16
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Where: Manglesdorf Field Misericordia University
301 Lake St.
Dallas, PA 18612

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