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Make Time for a Little Back-to-Basics Board Game Fun

Gather Round, Fellow Isolators! We’re Busting Out Some Classics.

A little bit of social isolation is good in measured doses. These days, we’ve got more of it than we know what to do with. And it doesn’t help when, during the time we do have for whatever version of socialization we’re calling normal, we’re staring into social media, our TVs and our PlayStations.

Whether you are cooped up with family, roommates, or hangin’ with friends via Skype, you need to have a little fun. And you’ll find it in the back of your closet buried under your old shoes. Or, maybe in the basement on a shelf. That’s right, we’re dusting off those old board games. You know, the ones you haven’t seen since before you got your first iPhone.

We’ve rounded up a few lists of classics and threw in some new ones that might catch your eye. And, if you think our list is missing the “world’s greatest game,” feel free to let us know.


Games for the Whole Family (this includes roommates)



Play parents versus kids, family free-for-all, or team up and take down your friends.

These classic family-oriented games offer hours of easy, old-fashioned fun. Pile onto the living room floor. Clear off the dining room table and let the the games begin. Just don’t let the competition get the better of you.


Guess Who – Use all your powers of deduction and detective skills to figure out your opponent’s cartoonish character.

Monopoly – Gather the kids and teach them a thing or two about ruthless capitalism, diversified investment property portfolios and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Apples to Apples – It’s like a kid-friendly Cards Against Humanity.

Scrabble – Push your lexicon to its limits with this classically frustrating word game.

Candy Land – Make your way carefully past Gloppy and avoid the devious Lord Licorice in this all-time favorite kid’s classic.

The Game of Life – Land that dream job. Find your life partner. Then, make that money and face the crushing reality of paying bills in this popular simulation game.

Pictionary – Draw on those 3rd grade art skills and navigate inevitable arguments over whether a lightbulb looks like a cat with this quick draw guessing game.

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition – The answer is in there somewhere. No phones. No Wikipedia. All you got is your big beautiful brains in this often-maddening trivia game.

Sequence – Get your fill of both playing card games and board games in this hybrid classic involving a sturdy poker face and a strategic mind.

Exploding Kittens – Let the absurdity fly while playing this family-friendly card draw game. It just doesn’t get any easier. And it rarely gets any sillier.


Games for Grown-Ups (also includes roommates)



Stay up past your bedtime and add an adult spin to these classics.

Maybe social distancing has got you locked down with your roommates. Perhaps, you’re just a cooped-up couple, or on your own for the moment. No worries. Pour a drink. Get comfortable. Gather around the gaming table. Find your besties on Zoom or FaceTime and settle in for a night of classic board game shenanigans. Sure, most of these are also fun for the family, but you never know what you’ll get when you play the exclusively grown-up version.


Taboo – Use your powers of telekinesis, vocabulary and quick wit in this highly addictive word guessing game.

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition – Break all the rules. See what you can get away with. And avoid going to jail. You know, classic life lessons.

Dead of Winter – Survive. That’s basically the name of the game in this apocalyptic simulation involving scavenging, zombies and good old human v. human strategy.

Cards Against Humanity – Fill in the blanks ironically, absurdly, or just plain horribly with this modern, politically questionable card game.

Trivial Pursuit – Figure out once and for all who from your group is the “smart” one, and who may, in fact, be the…uh “pretty” one.

Yahtzee – It’s a simple game of dice and math. Throw in a few drinks and you’ll lose it every time someone gets to scream YAHTZEE!

30 Seconds – You’re up against the clock and it couldn’t be more fun in this fast-paced, pop-culture guessing game.

Risk – These days, who doesn’t have hours upon hours to kill. You might as well pass that time acting on your plans for world domination with this addictive game of strategy and diplomacy.

Spontuneous – Try not to wake the neighbors while belting out your best rendition of your favorite tunes. No talent required. Truer words have never been spoken.

Terraforming Mars – Take turns building a viable civilization on Mars. From infrastructure to maintaining water sources, this serious game takes focus and determination and provides the perfect distraction from current events.

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