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Let’s Do Lunch: Umami Gorilla

Vegan Comfort Food in Wilkes-Barre

At Umami Gorilla, all of your favorite comfort dishes are made into vegan delicacies. From creamy mac-n-cheese to tangy pulled-pork tacos to sky-high buffalo chicken nachos, Umami Gorilla has you covered.

We stopped into this vegan’s paradise recently for a quick bite to eat. Owner Kyle Jensen explained that he used to enjoy eating meat and jokingly considered himself to be a “carnivore.” He admitted, “If I could go vegan, anyone can.” Jensen believes that you can still enjoy mouthwatering foods, but veganized.  

We tried the KFC Bowl first— probably not what you’d first expect at an all-vegan restaurant! We were wowed by the tremendous size of this dish. According to Jensen, nothing at Umami Gorilla will ever be underwhelming. A mountain of mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and corn lined the plate. Fried Chick’n, vegan cheese and more gravy topped it all off. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, two fluffy biscuits were on the side. Between the delicious flavor and generous portion, leaving hungry was close to impossible. 

Next, we tasted the “pulled pork” tacos topped with creamy vegan coleslaw in a warm tortilla. The marinated “pulled pork” tasted just like the real thing (yep, definitely could’ve fooled us). We also tried the Buffalo Chick’n Ranch Nachos. Umami Gorilla heaps on the toppings like cheeze sauce, guac and sour cream. Not only do both of these items taste fantastic, but they’re also 100% gluten free.  

Mac & Cheese is a classic comfort food. Vegan or not, you can’t help but crave that gooey, melted cheese and tender pasta. Umami Gorilla takes vegan Mac & Cheese to the next level with Bac’n and bread crumbs for an extra punch of flavor. We also tasted the Serene-Bean Chili, which was the perfect, hot cup of deliciousness.  

Last but certainly not least, we tried the Original Gangster Burger with Jack Daniels sauce, blue cheeze, Bac’n, brown sugar bourbon pineapple and spinach. This isn’t the stereotypical frozen veggie burger. The patty is made fresh and blends perfectly with the tangy pineapple and sharp blue cheeze.  

You can’t forget dessert, right? We had the Pumpkin Pie Latte Milkshake with fluffy whipped cream. This was the ideal drink for the season. Umami Gorilla makes every shake with a whole pint of their homemade vegan ice cream. The serving is extremely generous, so this milkshake is perfect to share with a friend (or just keep it all to yourself, we won’t judge). 

Unami Gorilla is located at 811 Scott Street in Wilkes-Barre. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop about menu changes and hours. 

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