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Let’s Do Lunch: Stookey’s Famous Bar-B-Que

95 Years of Memories, Tradition, and Delicious BBQ in Nanticoke

You’d be hard pressed to find an establishment as beloved and long running as Stookey’s Famous Bar-B-Que in West Nanticoke. Beginning in 1926 as just a roadside stand with a single open fire pit, Stookey’s has since become a nationwide sensation. Third generation owner, Ralph Frank, explains that Stookey’s is much more than just a business though. “I lived here. I was born here,” he says. Stookey’s Bar-B-Que is quite literally in his blood.

Ralph follows in the footsteps of his grandparents, Ralph and Margaret Stookey, and his parents, Conn and Shirley Frank. Since the 1990s, he has continued the family tradition making savory apple wood smoked meats and creating memories for patrons and staff alike. Customers who have been dining at Stookey’s since their childhoods, back when it was just that small roadside stand, now bring their own children and grandchildren. It might look different, but it will always be the same iconic BBQ that people know and love.

After 95 years of both tribulations and celebrations, Stookey’s Bar-B-Que isn’t going anywhere. “You can’t be in business this long without people liking what you’re selling,” says Ralph. After witnessing the steady flow of customers, young and old, ordering without even having to look at the menu, it’s easy to see how Stookey’s has made it this far.

With so many BBQ options, figuring out where to start is a challenge. Ralph guided us in the right direction by suggesting an old classic: Stookey’s BBQ Pork Sandwich, made with their famous vinegar-based secret sauce and topped with pickled relish. The traditional way to complete this order is with a bottle of chocolate milk and a bag of Middleswarth chips. It is truly an ideal lunch.

If you really want the full Stookey’s experience, the Combo Platter is the way to go. It comes with smoked chicken and ribs, as well as a side of fries, making it a BBQ lover’s dream. And you can’t leave without a bowl of the hearty, homemade chili. It perfectly complements just about any meal.

Stookey’s Famous Bar-B-Que is located at 122 East Poplar Street (Route 11) in West Nanticoke, PA. They are open daily but, for the time being, they are only offering takeout. You can check out the menu and operating hours on their website and keep up with news and specials on the Stookey’s Facebook page.

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