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Let’s Do Lunch: Keep Well

Keeping Things Healthy in Scranton

Health and nutrition are exciting and easy at Keep Well in Scranton. Since October 2019, owner Jamie Heenan has made it her goal to quash the intimidation many people feel about health food with smoothies and pressed juices that are as tasty as they are nourishing.

Keep Well works hard at being both attainable and ethical for on-the-go customers. By using local produce, Jamie ensures her ingredients are fresh and nutrient dense, while simultaneously supporting the area’s farmers. She also uses environmentally-friendly packaging, highlighting the importance of going green. At the end of the day, Jamie hopes to open doors for those looking to gain a better understanding of healthy, organic eating. We’d have to say mission accomplished.

Juices are without a doubt some of the most popular items at Keep Well. With so many options, each having its own health benefits, choosing just one is a challenge. Ultimately, we went with the Fire Juice. It includes beets, carrots, honey and turmeric. The distinct flavors make it the perfect refreshing choice.

Keep Well gives customers the opportunity to create their own smoothie or choose from some tried and tested favorites. We decided on the featured Aqua Smoothie. The combination of bananas, mangoes, dates, cucumbers, cashews, almond milk and blue spirulina is ideal for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Besides being delicious, the unique aqua color makes the smoothie totally Instagram-worthy.

Last, but certainly not least, we ordered the Vision Bowl. This concoction mixes carrots, mangoes, pineapples, coconut, cinnamon and almond milk. It is topped with almonds, chia seeds and flax seeds. Being both nutritious and flavorful, it leaves you feeling revitalized and satisfied.

Keep Well is located at 300 Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton, on the second floor of the Marketplace at Steamtown. You can stop by and order at the counter. They are open from 11:00-6:30 on Thursdays and 11:00-4:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Check out Keep Well’s Facebook or Instagram for the menu, specials and behind-the-scenes photos.

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