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Let’s Do Lunch: Dagwood’s Deli & Subs

Deli with Old School Charm in Kingston

Dagwood’s Deli & Subs has been serving delicious lunches to the NEPA community since 2003. And over nearly two decades, their once humble lunch menu has grown with the local palate. Today, the popular sandwich shop offers over 65 delectable options. We stopped in recently to see what all the lunch buzz was about.  

Owners, Brian and Janine Franklin have a passion for their business cultivated by fresh ingredients and a love for the Kingston community. And it all starts with a hands-on approach. The Franklins practically live in Dagwood’s kitchen. For Brian and Janine, getting customers to return time and time again is all about quality and high standards. And if you asked any of the locals lining up for their lunchtime grub, it’s really all about the subs. 

Of course, that’s exactly where we started our Dagwood’s food tour. And with 38 options to choose from, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We opened with the classic cheesesteak — one of Dagwood’s most popular items. It arrived loaded with fresh gooey cheese, perfectly grilled mushrooms, onions and sweet peppers on a fluffy, pillowy roll.  

Easy to say, after the cheesesteak we were hooked on the subs. So, naturally, we tried two more! Next up, a classic Italian. It was packed with fresh capicola, hard salami, pepperoni, and provolone piled high with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. In every bite, we could tell the produce was freshly prepped and seasoned to perfection.  

Our last sub was an absolute showstopper. They call it the Fat Dagwood. It’s basically a pile of crispy chicken fingers, golden fries and mozzarella sticks smothered in melted cheese. You can get it with your choice of mild, hot or fireball sauce. We kept it on the mild side.  

All of Dagwood’s subs can be ordered at either a half size or a whole size. They also offer smaller sandwich options. We tried the Breaded Chicken sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and a drizzle of mayo on a hard roll. It was the perfect twist on a classic club.  

We also found a tasty variety of lighter lunch options. The garden salad with grilled chicken brings together crunchy lettuce with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and crisp croutons. It’s simple, clean and delicious. And the Grilled Chicken Wrap comes stuffed with chopped lettuce, tomato, and a drizzle of honey mustard in a soft, whole-wheat tortilla.   

Go and fill your belly at Dagwood’s during your next lunch stop. Just do yourself a favor and skip breakfast.  

Dagwood’s is located at 418 Market Street in Kingston. Be sure to check them out on Facebook to take a look at their menu and hear about their daily specials.   

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