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Isle of Coffee – DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club

Welcome to the DiscoverNEPA Coffee Club, a series for anyone who loves the smell of freshly roasted beans and the warmth of a steaming mug in their hands. We’re visiting NEPA’s local coffee shops and giving you an inside look at all they have to offer, from handcrafted drinks to cool spaces to work and hang out. Join us and discover your new favorite spot for a caffeine fix.

Coffee Break Should Feel More Like a Mini Vacation


Isle of Coffee is a little taste of paradise.

We don’t always have time to take an island getaway, but sometimes a good cup of coffee and a sweet treat will do the trick. Isle of Coffee in Wyoming makes every coffee run feel like a refreshing escape with their specialty drinks, gourmet menu and fresh-baked desserts.

Isle of Coffee opened in March 2019, but as you browse through the menu, you might get the sense that something’s familiar. That’s because owners Frank and Patty DeViva formerly ran Bakehouse, a beloved bakery and café in Kingston. Bakehouse has since closed, but Isle of Coffee still serves some of their bestsellers with the same recipes, same crew and same legendary taste.

Yet the feel at Isle of Coffee sets it apart from its predecessor. Isle of Coffee trades in the bustling coffee shop scene for a chill, laidback beach theme. Think of it as Bakehouse on island time. It’s the kind of place where you can relax, chat with the barista and settle down with a newspaper and a steaming cup of joe.


Good Vibes Ahead



A trendy menu and modern décor meet a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere.

Isle of Coffee is conveniently located in the Midway Shopping Center, which makes it a popular gathering spot. According to Frank, Wyoming has a “hometown-y” feel, which is evident when you see regulars chatting at the counter and first responders stopping for a caffeine fix after a long shift.

The beachy vibes create an inviting, playful atmosphere. The cool, white walls make it feel like summer all year long, while the wooden furniture keeps things simple and fresh. Even the shop’s name matches the fun theme— Isle of Coffee sounds a lot like “I love coffee” when you say it out loud. Go ahead and try it. We’ll wait.

The baristas and bakers always have an eye on the latest trends and whip up whatever drinks and treats are going viral. During this time of year, that means pumpkin-flavored everything, from frycakes iced in cream cheese to pumpkin spice cream draft lattes. And the kids can usually find donuts decorated like their favorite characters. Peppa Pig and Cookie Monster have definitely made appearances behind the display case.


The Perfect Chemistry in Every Cup



Isle of Coffee has the brewing process down to a science.

Isle of Coffee takes their coffee seriously, from the brewing temperature to the coffee-to-water ratio to the coarseness of the grind to the steeping time. After dozens of tries, they’ve perfected a smooth, sippable brew. As for their methods, well, those are a secret, but you can taste it for yourself with their handcrafted drink menu.

For the full experience, order the iced coffee, draft lattes or cold brew on tap. With just the pull of a handle, you get a rich, sweet and silky taste, even without flavors or cream. Still, it’s tons of fun to add in flavor shots and build your own drink. The only limit is how far you can stretch your imagination. That being said, anyone up for a Hawaiian salted caramel cold brew with coconut and vanilla?

Isle of Coffee also serves espresso drinks like the dreamy, creamy caramel sundae latte, which will transport you to the boardwalk no matter what time of year. A wide range of teas, cocoa, smoothies and shakes provides plenty of alternatives for non-coffee drinkers.


“With food, you can make people happy.”



You thought the drinks were impressive? We’re just getting started.

Everything’s made to order, from the bagels and muffins hot out of the oven to the fresh salads and sandwiches. Frank has over 40 years of experience in the food business, and you can taste love and dedication in every bite.

Isle of Coffee serves familiar favorites from Bakehouse, like the scratch-made seafood bisque and chicken noodle soup. However, they also shake things up with new menu items like ciabatta subs and cheesy quesadillas served right off the grill. The all-day breakfast options like bagel sandwiches, breakfast wraps and omelettes will start your day off right, while the Asian chicken salad and the spinach and feta quesadilla put a twist on classic lunch fare.

And the sweets! Don’t leave without trying the decadent peanut butter delight. You can’t pass up the Insta-worthy donuts either, like the enormous brown butter pecan donut.

Grab-and-go options and Doordash ordering make is easy to pick up a quick lunch. But it’s always worth your while to come in, grab a table and savor every last bite.


Welcome to Your New Happy Place



It’s always a party here.

At the end of the day, Isle of Coffee is all about fun. From the playful island theme to the friendly crowd to the creative desserts, this shop is sure to put a smile on your face. The next time you need to get away from it all, come on over to the island.


Upcoming Events:

Midway Shopping Center’s Halloween Parade – October 19 at 11 a.m.
Free Coffee with First Responders – November 5 at 9 a.m.

Must Try:

Cold Brew – Served on tap for a smooth, creamy head and a subtle hint of sweetness
Caramel Sundae Latte – Vanilla latte topped with fluffy whipped cream and a rich caramel drizzle
My Favorite Sub – Roast beef, ham, Swiss, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh-baked ciabatta roll
Asian Chicken Salad – Grilled sesame chicken, red peppers, carrots, mandarin oranges and crispy noodles over romaine
Brown Butter Pecan Donut – Puffy brioche donut drenched in sweet glaze and topped with nuts

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