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IntelliGreen Adds Tech to Pandemic Toolkit For NEPA Businesses and Schools

Local Software Company Envisions Safer, More Secure Future for Schools, Businesses with Innovative Entry Screening Technology

Ryan Robinson, VP Sales/Marketing and Tony Acernese, Founder/CEO, IntelliGreen display Intelli-Temp 2, the company’s 2nd generation temperature scanning device.


Pandemic inspires integration of health, safety, efficiency and technology at Hazleton’s IntelliGreen.

Throughout the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced local schools and businesses to reassess their day-to-day operations. By early summer, countless hours of learning and productivity had been deferred. Workers struggled to supplement lost wages. Businesses altered production schedules, or scaled back entirely. Profits dipped. Local economies entered seemingly endless holding patterns. Schools, students and parents adjusted to their new virtual classrooms. Daily life, for so many locally, had taken on a whole new meaning.

IntelliGreen Founder and CEO Tony Acernese and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan Robinson envisioned fundamental changes on the horizon for schools and businesses. Until the rise of COVID-19, the West Hazleton-based company specialized in entrance safety management systems. Think card scanning and point-of-entry access control. For the energy industry entrepreneurs, however, the nation’s fast approaching “new normal” needed to be met with both urgency and forward-thinking technology and software solutions.



A solution-driven response backed by modern technology and innovative software.

Quickly, IntelliGreen’s three-man team re-focused the company mission. They were determined to help businesses stay open, to keep kids in school and to propagate efficiency and safety across all avenues of daily life. They would design a product with a singular, overarching goal — maintaining the overall well-being of the community. In June, IntelliGreen rolled out its first generation Intelli-Temp temperature screening devices.

We were mainly doing consulting work and then COVID hit. That’s when we came together as a team and decided to get together with a bunch of our customers and a few focus groups and try to understand, what exactly we can do to help. We asked, “What are they looking for?” “What do they want that they don’t have?”  Or, perhaps a better question — we asked, “What are they going to need that they don’t know they need?” We were trying to help them predict the future, in a sense.

Tony Acernese, Founder/CEO IntelliGreen


Nearly 2 million temperature scans and counting.

Getting people back to work and school safely while promoting the health and wellness of the community became IntelliGreen’s new directive. And, according to Ryan Robinson, “The common denominator for schools, for manufacturing, for healthcare facilities was temperature screening.”

It was a seemingly simple solution driven by cutting edge technology and supported by their proprietary Cortex software. With IntelliGreen’s temperature screening devices, organizations can easily keep their students, teachers, employees and frontline workers safe. And, Acernese points out, it can go even further than that. “What we’ve essentially been doing within our Cortex software is setting up an ecosystem.” Utilizing data from temperature scans, from hand sanitizer stations, from card swipes, from facial recognition, IntelliGreen’s Cortex platform can eventually provide what they call a Health Resiliency Score (HRS). The HRS offers businesses and schools a real-time, applicable perspective on their overall health, safety and efficiency metrics.

Much of this data already exists within an organization. According to Robinson, the Intelli-Temp device is simply collecting it at a single, efficient point of contact and feeding it to an algorithm through Cortex. “Organizations can then take this information and predictively understand exactly how healthy they are, and they can pivot, when they need to, and stay resilient.”

“That is really the bigger picture of what is coming in 2021,” he adds.


1st generation Intelli-Temp scanner in action at Best Cigar Pub in Drums.


“Safe today. Bright tomorrow.”

The pandemic’s economic devastation remains tangible and noticeable in the scenery of everyday America. IntelliGreen hopes to alleviate some of that pain. Since deploying their first generation Intelli-Temp scanners in June, they now have roughly 200 devices operating in the field. “Based on our own calculations, that equates to around 1.5 to 2 million individual scans,” Robinson said. And today, they’re already rolling out the next generation of devices.

In just six months, the company has set up Intelli-Temp devices at local manufacturing facilities, school districts and even the Best Cigar Pub in Drums. You can also find IntelliGreen technology employed beyond Northeastern Pennsylvania. They’re currently located within school districts, hospital systems and larger manufacturers throughout Upstate New York.

And, they manage it all from the CAN BE Innovation Center in West Hazleton’s Valmont Industrial Park. Visit IntelliGreen to learn more about the Intelli-Temp Scanners and their proprietary Cortex software.

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